Thursday, January 29, 2015
Thirsty Conversations: Why Would You Buy PS4?

Thirsty Conversations: Why Would You Buy PS4?

Believe it or not, the next generation of gaming is almost upon us, indeed, some reckon it’s already here. But if Sony’s saying that PS3’s software lineup with be “incredible” beyond 2013, is there any good reason for gamers to make the switch to next generation before then?

Games on PS3 look really good, and keeping in mind we haven’t seen what PS4 will offer yet, it’s hard to make a solid decision. However going based on what we know, in that it’ll be a powerful machine, better PSN, a bit of Virtual Reality and more features – would that be enough to make you drop $399 for Sony’s beastly machine?

Give us the reasons why you’d buy PS4? List them here: The Official Games Thirst Consulting Firm.

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  • benzo

    I have always supported Sony systems out the gate. PS1, PS2, PSP, PS3, PSVita all of them. Sony has a tendency to start out slow with the software, but usually comes with the thunder on the hardware. As the system ages, more features are removed,making being an early adopter worth it. On the flip side, early adoption also screws me when it comes to price and looks. But at the end of the day, hardware functionality is what leads me to want a ps4 on launch. Sony has also shown that exclusives for the the home console are things of legend. Awesome gameplay, righteous graphics, engaging stories, the list goes on. I only expect more of the same for the ps4, but I also expect a strong and more robust launch lineup for the PS4. Sony should have learned that is the way to reward early adopters….an awesome launch line up. (Please see Wii U for example lol).

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Haha. Nice comment, Benzo! I especially love the “righteous graphics” portion. lol

  • TheGrimOfDeath

    I will buy the PS4. The reason why is just that Sony always makes things right. You see the Vita and the PS3? When they both started they both had big problems! PS3’s was the high price and the Vita’s was just not worth getting! Now the PS3 has 500 Gb for 270$ and the Vita is getting TONS of games! This makes me believe that Sony can always get their shit together. True I might not get it on launch date because I bought the PS3 last year with my part-tine job earnings and the Vita from my mum, but in time I will get it. I mean who won’t play games that will look so realistic that the lines of reality and gaming will be blurred so much that you might forget it’s a game! And for people getting the 4K tvs you are going to have an awesome time with the PS4.

    Peace out guys. I will get the PS4!

  • CaribbeanCLANK

    Playstation never disappoints…and although at launch Sony’s newest console always seems to attract a lot of criticism it never keeps me from buying the newest Playstation. And the PS4 will be no different. Sony is always trying to push the hardware limits forward and I admire them for that. But most importantly, Playstation has always had an amazing games library. When it comes to Exclusive titles, nobody does it better than Sony…and that ‘ent opinion…THAT’S A FACT!!! And without a doubt, PS4 will have a solid games library.

  • nick

    all i want they normally bring.
    something that is ahead of its time, something that is alien.
    $ony gained their position in this industry, and has kept it simply because there the ones pushing technology forward.
    every new system they release they usher some new technology in and make it the norm.
    ps1 did 3D graphics, ps2 did DVD, and new architecture, and ps3 did the same bluray and new architecture.
    i want the ps4 to be the same.
    but that is exactly what worries me.
    looking at the vita, looking at the piss poor ps3 ports, looking at the whining lazy developers, i really cant see that happening.
    and looking at the financial state $ony is in, i mean there shares are at a all time low!
    they have been bleeding money ever since the ps3 released!
    and not only in the playstation division, but in EVERY division!
    their TVs especially have taken a massive hit.
    exactly why i dont want a ps4 next year, simply because im worried $ony will play it safe and spew out PC like architecture and a lower spec system than what were accustomed too.
    i really want them to continue doing what they were, but i doubt they will.

  • amdfan81

    It is almost a hard question to answer at this time. Of course i plan to buy the Ps4, but that is being said without any concrete knowledge of the system or what it can do. Beyond new games that will get my interest i would like to see what they do to advance the systems they already have in place. Make tropies mean more than a number. Perhaps let players earn something for getting the trophies or display achievements in the game in your avatar. They have a lot of ideas out there just take them to the next level and make them feel new and fresh