Friday, August 29, 2014
Wii U Sold Out At GameStop, BestBuy, Sears And Toys R Us, Critics Stay Mum

Wii U Sold Out At GameStop, BestBuy, Sears And Toys R Us, Critics Stay Mum

Seems to me Wii U is successful even before its launch, as numerous U.S. retail outlets are reporting that they’re completely sold out of their preorder stock.

And we’re talking some of the U.S.’s biggest retail outlets here:




Toys R Us

Some things just never change.

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  • benzo

    Good for Wii U, but we have no idea how many units each store was allocated. I would also like to add that when I was store manager at gamestop when PS3 and Wii dropped both systems sold out. PS3 within hours of preorders opening. Like you said somethings never change. Nintendo players have been waiting on this for years and I hope their enthusiasm propels the Nintendo and the gaming industry as a whole to a awesome holiday season.

  • Ghost250

    pretty good, it always nice see that no matter what all these dumb asses say about mobile & digital taking over traditional gaming. these type of outcomes just show how wrong they are.

    btw screw Cliff Bleszinski

  • nick

    just because its sold out at retailers does not mean its a success!
    ninty could of supplied each store with 10 units each for all we know.
    rumors going around ninty sent a email with set figures and every store was to stop taking pre orders once met.
    100000 for the US was apparently all ninty allowed for preorder, really not much at all!
    looks like the rumors of ninty having problems with shortages were pretty accurate, double that up with the fact that gamepads wont be sold separate in the US exactly because reggie said we would be thinning stock.
    probably should get my order in now.

  • nick

    nintys finally updated a few titles on their sight now for launch day.
    batman, rayman legends, darksiders 2, AC3, sonic and sega all stars racing transformed, epic mickey power of 2, and transformers prime will also be out launch day.
    now all there missing is NG3, and leggo undercover.
    ok ninty, now this is looking really good!
    problem is though, where are the games your fans are going to be interested in?
    sigh, its the vita all over again!
    plenty of third party games available, but so, so few first party titles!

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Hmm, at least it’s looking better!