Sunday, September 7, 2014
Resident Evil 6 gets three new modes, timed Xbox exclusives

Resident Evil 6 gets three new modes, timed Xbox exclusives

Capcom announced three new modes that Resident Evil 6 will be receiving as DLC, and all three are timed Xbox 360 exclusives. No further information on that or the platforms was given.

  • Survivors Mode will let players respawn as enemies when they’re killed and attack humans. Killing two characters will allow players to respawn as a human, and the last man or team standing wins.
  • Predator Mode has one player take the role of the Ustanak, a “fearsome B.O.W.” that other players will have to try to kill. Players will have to try to kill the Ustanak before time runs out, “or at least survive until the end of the session.”
  • Siege Mode will have two teams (one human, one enemy) and a single non-playable character. The human team will be tasked with protecting the NPC, while the other team will try to kill them. If the NPC is still alive when the game ends, the human team wins.

Each mode will support 3vs3 combat, and all the stats can be tracked through The modes will use maps off of the Mercenaries mode, which will be on the disc at launch. Various maps are also given through special editions and pre-orders of the game.

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  • Ghost250

    thats it? that was the big timed exclusive DLC. LOLOLOL whoop dee doo. wow i ‘m so mad that xbox players get this first that i’m not buying the game anymore NOPE “sarcasm”

  • Ernice Gilbert

    :D – Yeah, not much of an exclusive, is it? But hey, it’s still content not available on the PS3 version of the game.

  • benzo

    Glad that Sony spends their money on great exclusive games and not on stupid DLC timed crap.

  • freezeplyr8

    @benzo I agree!