Tuesday, September 2, 2014
Metal Gear Solid 5 Coming 2013 At The Earliest

Metal Gear Solid 5 Coming 2013 At The Earliest

Motion actor Eric Bossic who recently completed work on Silent Hill 4, has made known that he’s just completed some mocap work with Kojima Productions on a new Metal Gear Solid game, but warned that said game is afar off.

In an interview with Silent Haven, Bossic discussed his recent work with the studio: “My past motion capture session was for an upcoming Metal Gear game, I will be back with Kojima again in the fall, and maybe other sessions. This title is a long way off.”

When asked which Metal Gear title he was working on, all he could say was: “I am working on a future metal gear, not to be released until next year summer at the earliest, if not later then that. Im doing motion capture only.”

He added: “I can 100% say my voice will not be involved in this. I dont even know what the title is, they are all very secretive and sometimes even the scenes I act out I dont even know the full story, because they want to keep it secret.

I suppose it is fine to mention I am working on it, everybody knows Kojima is making something now, and I posted the photo on my page here with him. The only thing is that I cant ever answer any questions about it or talk about, not for sometime.”

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  • Ghost250

    silent Hill 4?

  • http://www.gamesthirst.com Ernice Gilbert

    @Ghost: Yeah :)

  • Ghost250

    @Ernice hmmm interesting

  • nick

    MGS5 as a launch title for ps4.
    just 1 request though.
    this time if your going to have 30 minute convoluted cut scenes make them mean something!
    one thing i HATED about MGS4!
    it rambles on for 30 minutes explaining something it could of done in 3 minutes!
    got seriously boring!
    i hope they let us install the whole game too like its patched now instead of how the game originally was.
    oh and this time FINALLY kill off snake!
    yes its blasphemy but come on its time for him to die, move on and let someone else take over the franchise!
    it was just so cliche how weak and feeble he was towards the end of MGS4, to continue on from that would be a slap in the face!
    theres a reason why you dont see 90 year olds at the olympic games!

  • http://www.gamesthirst.com Ernice Gilbert

    I loved the cutscenes, but some were too long, yeah.

  • nick

    not that they were too long, that they took far too long for what they were saying.
    another thing i hated was the characters were not introduced very well!
    which is really stupid considering the previous MGS released so long ago so i had no freaking clue who was who!
    the game just assumes you finished the whole MGS series yesterday!