Saturday, August 30, 2014
Uncharted 3 patch 1.13 studio’s biggest yet

Uncharted 3 patch 1.13 studio’s biggest yet

Uncharted 3 was to get a huge patch, and here it is: it’s huge, and it’s available from tomorrow. Sony detailed the patch, which includes a tournament mode, new items, and more.

There’s new multiplayer DLC that will come out in stages, starting August 14th, and it can be unlocked in a variety of ways. Completing treasure sets, earning specific in-game levels, or purchasing it off the PSN Store. Below, you can find some of these items.

[youtube id="l8ivwdHYHO8s" width="600" height="350"]

Also, the Tournament System will be points-based with three reward tiers, granting you special in-game items and weapons. Once something is unlocked, it’s free to use until the next tournament comes. To participate in tournaments, you need Tournament Tickets. All players will carry 10 per tournament period, but you can buy packages of 10, 50, 100, 200 off of the PSN Store if you like. Tournament leaderboards will also be added.

Also, a number of fixes and improvements have been made to the game’s online infrastructure, ensuring a better experience for everyone.

Of course, this is not all. More is bound to come, so keep an eye out as we’ll be bringing you these Naughty Dog updates.

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  • nick

    oh i wish they would come out with some DLC!
    really cant understand why developers spend so much time on MP DLC all the time, i mean did a law pass saying only certain games can have SP DLC?
    suffice to say id like to think a expansion pack for U3 would be a dam side more profitable than a MP pack!