Friday, August 29, 2014
Skyrim patch 1.7 live on both consoles now

Skyrim patch 1.7 live on both consoles now

Pete Hines of Bethesda has confirmed that patch 1.7 is now live for both consoles. However, he did not provide any further information regarding Dawnguard for PS3.

To refresh your memories, the DLC has gone live on Xbox 360, but had a 30-day exclusivity. After it ended, there was no word from Bethesda, and the DLC finally became available for PC several days later. The Playstation 3 crowd, however, has to wait even more, since Bethesda cited “performance issues” to be the reason it hasn’t gone live yet.

Patch 1.7 for the PS3 will also include patch 1.6, which was never released on the console, unlike the other platforms.

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  • amdfan81

    Is this confirmed. I logged in this afternoon and did not receive the update. I have seen it may not be released until Thursday as well. Either way good news look forward to the update

  • Christos Chatzisavvas

    Maybe it’s timezone differences? Pete hines, the one whose tweet I linked you people to, confirmed it’s up.

  • nick

    nice to see bugthesda actually showing some restraint!
    they usually just release it and fix it later, nice to see there actually taking some pride in their work and want to make sure its at least half working before they start charging people for it!
    a nice start………