Sunday, February 1, 2015
Modern Warfare 4 Coming To Next Gen Consoles Alongside PS3, 360

Modern Warfare 4 Coming To Next Gen Consoles Alongside PS3, 360

A CV belonging to Andrew Aye, who’s the Lead Engineer and Project Manager at Infinity Ward, has leaked critical information about the developer’s next Cal of Duty game. Here’s a hint: It’ll be coming to PS4 and Xbox 720.

The game will be released on the aforementioned platforms alongside PS3 and Xbox 360, as the CV includes an announced Call of Duty game that’s currently under development by the studio, and lists the platforms as: (XB2,PS3,PC DX11, TBA). The “TBA” portion, along with the use of DXII, has the internet buzzing, with the only options being PS4 and Xbox 720. It also shows that Infinity Ward has no plans of developing next-generation Call of Duty games on Nintendo’s upcoming platform, Wii U.

The new details were dug up by internet sleuth Superannuation and posted on Kotaku as a feature where gaming secrets are revealed.

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  • Mezzo
  • nick

    it WILL be on the wiiu, that much is for certain!
    come on antivision is the greediest company out there, they are not going to go turn away millions of fans wallets!
    and ninty will do everything under the sun to get it too.