Monday, September 1, 2014
Time For Change: Desmond’s Story “Needs To End”, Says Assassin’s Creed 3′s Lead

Time For Change: Desmond’s Story “Needs To End”, Says Assassin’s Creed 3′s Lead

There’s a time for everything underneath the sun, a time to laugh and cry, and a time to change. AC III’s creative lead Alex Hutchinson believes it’s time to “end” Assassin’s Creed’s protagonist Desmond Miles’ story.

“It’s more like The Twilight Zone,” Hutchinson told Polygon.

“There’s always a guy introducing it and he’s there every episode, but each game completes its own story. Assassin’s Creed 1 was Altair’s story. Ezio has been and gone. You can engage with these historical stories individually without having to necessarily understand Desmond’s story. But yes, we eventually do have to wrap it up.”

Hutchinson believes Assassin’s Creed should adopt a Star Trek-like strategy, where different sub-series focus on different groups of characters.

“I think what you do is you finish it,” said Hutchinson, talking about Desmond’s story.

It’s not the only conceit you can use. There’s other ways you can frame the experience.

I always pitched it to the guys on this game to think of it almost like Star Trek. Each game is a season [...] each big number is a sub-title. We’re not changing the universe, but we’re being given the reins to the equivalent of [Star Trek:] The Next Generation. Yes, it’s the Star Trek universe, and that has certain immutable laws and there’s a base kind of tone to it, but within that you can do whatever you want.”

He continued: “I think Desmond needs to end. At some point. You know what I mean? Things that go on too long lack resonance. We’re asking people to remember seven years’ worth of story. Which is like saying you were in junior high and now you’re finishing college. And you need to remember what you were doing in junior high.”

Assassin’s Creed 3 sees a release this October on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. Assassin’s Creed 3: Liberation will be released on PS Vita.

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  • nick

    one thing that really confuses me about AC3s story!
    the WHOLE point of AC 1,2, B, and R, has been to train desmond and gain the locations to where the pyramids are, the godly locations that can stop the bending ending of the world!
    something you now have completed in revelations as by the ending when desmond says i know what to do.
    so why are we going back into the animus to replay as desmond again?
    the whole point of AC has been to train desmond and go back into the past so they can get the info they need to stop a pending disaster in the future.
    now we have the tools, and need to stop the pending disaster, were going back to the future!
    unless that is what they mean by were going to be playing allot more as desmond in 3 than we have in others.
    maybe you start off as desmond and everything is not exactly as simple as you thought thus throwing you back into the animus, and every once in a while you come out to sort issues.
    but, well, seriously hope that is not right because its the cheesiest, most over done story point in history!
    almost as the hes dead……… or is he………. plot.
    FAR too many games and movies do that these days, drives me nuts!