Saturday, May 11, 2013
Halo 4 Forge Mode Confirmed

Halo 4 Forge Mode Confirmed

Certain Affinity, the developer behind Crimson Alliance has confirmed its developing Halo 4′s Forge Mode.

The studio made the announcement at the Rooster Teeth Expo on Saturday.

In Halo 4, Forge Mode will be getting an array of new functionality and features we believe will make fans proud.

Here’s the full quencher:

– Lock placed objects on the map

- Moving your cursor over objects highlights them green and displays their name

– Easily duplicate objects on the map – ideal for building structures like roads

– Objects can be magnetised, allowing them to connect to other objects in pre-set ways

- Brand new lighting system that allows for shadows to be cast from and onto objects

- New Player Trait Zones let map makers alter player attributes in the map

- Grav Volume reverses gravity for anyone who steps in it

Halo 4 sees a worldwide release on November 6th exclusively for Xbox 360.

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