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Weekend Quencher 06/30/12 – Sometimes, There’s Just Nothing To Say

Weekend Quencher 06/30/12 – Sometimes, There’s Just Nothing To Say

I’ve been doing WQs for the better part of four years, there are 52 weeks in a year so when you do the math, I’ve written about 208 Weekend Quenchers, and that’s not including the old blogspot. You must understand that sometimes, there’s just nothing to say.

I believe it’s because the week past so very fast and I have no plans for the weekend. None. I think I’ll simply rest my tired body – I’ve been doing so much as of late, so R&R is in order.

Gaming-wise, I’ve yet to purchase BF3 CQC DLC but I think I’ll do so today just to do a review of it. I know some of you want an opinion before making a decision on whether to purchase or skip. I’ll also prepare a post to see how many of you are interested in having an online Mortal Kombat tournament, Afrotrav can’t wait.

Elsewhere, Games Thirst: The Official Gamer Drink is being worked on steady, and later this year we’re hoping to have some big news on that front. Stay tuned. In fact, we’re hoping to have good news later in the year concerning not only the drink, but the Games Thirst company as a whole, including the site, drink, and its other properties. Exciting times!

You all have been great on this site! Although we have hot debates, it’s always good to see opinions are respected and different viewpoints are taken. I love our community! Let’s keep it cordial: warm and friendly.

Anyway, I said there was nothing much to say on my end, but you, come on, let’s here it. What are your plans for the weekend?…

…Whatever they are, please, enjoy it!

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  • Wolf1888

    No big plans for me, I’ll probably work on my friend’s game. He starter to make a game with his friends, and asked me to be the artist for everything that is visual. It’s a 2D game. Just a little Indie project for fun, anyway..

    Other than that I guess my schedule is pretty empty, I’ll fill the holes with some gaming!

    Ernice Gilbert Reply:

    @Wolf: You do art design, bro? Apart from games, what else do you design? We might need to talk.

  • benzo

    Im going to stay out of the heat and play some Halo Anniversary edition and wait for the PSN sale to happen!!!

    @Wolf1888…thats cool that you guys are doing a game. I would love to check out some of your art sometime…not much of an artist, but I do enjoy works of art.

    @EG…hope you get to rest some this weekend on the run all the time man!

  • Ernice Gilbert

    @Benzo: Yeah, thanks. I actually did get some rest, finally! Enjoy your weekend, bro!

  • linglingjr

    I get to watch the last of the Olympic trials, got a free pass in for volenteering/setting up. Also I got the QC dlc its pretty good IMO gun master can be extremely fun t times and extremely annoying at others. The spawns are horrible too lol.

  • nick

    im taking some time off, gone down to crown towers stay there for a few days just to relax a bit.
    i actually spent half the day today in the spa, im starting to look and feel like a lemon left out in the sun.
    might do some shopping tomorrow, still cant believe this but my gaming PC managed to cook itself yesterday!
    so pissed off its only a year old, not even and its already up shit creek!
    so im thinking of instead of getting a new PC i thought i might sell my new laptop ill get more for it, and buy a new gaming laptop.
    been looking at the G75 looks pretty good, decent specs and its only 2500.
    really want to get the alienware 17X much higher specs, but its a little too bulky and its 3K!
    eh, enough of worrying about that though im on holidays so back to the spa i go!

  • linglingjr

    What happened to your PC nick?
    It sounds scary.

  • nick

    no idea!
    i was playing it on friday arvo for a hour or so than it suddenly turned off and when i tried to turn it back on every time it tried to load windows it just threw BSOD errors at me.
    even tried to load into asus gate which is a custom quick boot OS and every time it finished loading the PC would cut out.
    took it back to where i bought it and turns out somehow the whole motherboard, CPU, GPU and RAM got cooked!
    weird i just had it cleaned out 3 weeks ago and its been running allot quieter than usual and now its dead.
    now tossing up whether i should get a laptop or new desktop.
    i want to get a gaming laptop simply because their cheaper, IE the G75 comes with a 670M but that card in a desktop is 800 bucks just for the video card!
    only thing im worried about is the same problem im having now, overheating.
    laptops are famous for overheating especially gaming laptops like my previous quosmio was a nightmare!
    dunno ill have to have a good look arround.
    maybe i can win the lottery tomorrow and get the new acer predator!
    i wish that things a freaking beast!
    9K beast……….

  • Wolf1888

    @Ernice: Well I do some design from time to time, I learned it all on the internet, and I do not believe I have the skills of somebody that would do that for a living. But I consider myself relatively advanced, thought.
    I usually do random requests for people, like avatars, profile pictures, logo, pixel art, all that kind of stuff.

    @Benzo: Yea, I plan on making myself a DeviantArt page or something, just to show as an example gallery for anybody who might want to request something. I always try new stuff anyway.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    @Wolf: That’s awesome, man. I’d really like to see some of your work.

  • Wolf1888

    @Ernice: Thanks man, I’ll make sure to keep you updated as soon as I make myself a Deviant Art page.

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