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New Tomb Raider Isn’t Uncharted – Crystal Dynamics

New Tomb Raider Isn’t Uncharted – Crystal Dynamics

Remember that Tomb Raider trailer Crystal Dynamics wowed the crowed at Microsoft’s press conference with at E3 2012? Yeah, many a gamer thought it looked way too much like Uncharted, so much so that the developer felt the need to come out and defend its game.

“Well, naturally, they’re action-adventure, OK, so there’s going to be some comparison. I don’t think we can get away with that. And there are certain things the Uncharted series has done, which is borrowed heavily from Tomb Raiders [of] old. So, again, there’s gonna be some crossover. That said, I think when we show the game as a whole—when you get to experience it, start to finish—we believe there’s a lot of differences between the two,” said Crystal Dynamics boss Darell Gallagher in an internal Square-Enix interview.

“I guess the comparison I can make is, you can have two summer blockbusters, and they can be big action things, with two different actors and things like tone and mood and story separate the two very differently. So, our tone is very different. Our storyline, our narrative. Our lead character is very different.”

Gallagher continued: “And deeper than that, in terms of the gameplay, we have a resourcefulness to Lara, right, that you start seeing in some of the demos we’ve given, which I think is again a different thing to Uncharted. Also, our game structure. I think we have some wider areas. I think our hubs, which we’ve not necessarily shown yet. I think they’re a really big differentiator. Our ability to re-traverse. The ability system on the island. Hunting. The ability to go and take deer and other animals on the island.

“I think there’s a lot of small differences that actually make the two products sort of stand apart when you actually experience them in full. So, there’s not just like one big thing, right. It’s not like you look at a summer blockbuster, and this is one big thing and a movie is different because of that. A lot of small pieces add up to something different,” he added.

Video Thirst: Tomb Raider E3 2012 Trailer

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  • nick

    really cant understand why the 2 are constantly compared!
    there 2 totally different games!
    one is about big set pieces and constant action, IE a michael bay film.
    and the other is more about exploration, puzzle solving and tactics.
    2 totally different games!

  • Ernice Gilbert

    That E3 2012 Cinematic looked just like Uncharted 2.

  • nick

    1 5 minute demonstration does not a game make!
    they have shown off a hell of allot more gameplay showing the puzzles and survival aspect of tomb raider than they have the action part of it!
    so they showed lara killing a few people, does that mean splinter cell is like uncharted?
    seriously, just because a game is action orientated and has action set pieces does not mean its like uncharted!
    by that logic than COD, hell every game is like uncharted!

  • Mezzo

    The similarities between the 2 is uncanny, Yes Tomb Raider definitely took some inspirations from Uncharted series.

  • Ghost250

    i’m sorry but tomb raider looked exactly like uncharted. hell even when lara changes her weapon the hud looked the same as uncharted.