Tuesday, September 2, 2014
Rumor Water: Sony To Sign Cloud Gaming Deal With Gaikai At E3

Rumor Water: Sony To Sign Cloud Gaming Deal With Gaikai At E3

Sony will enter into partnership with cloud-gaming company Gaikai at E3, VG247 is claiming.

The deal would allow games to be streamed on PlayStation hardware. It’s not clear whether it’ll be Onlive or Gaikai, but according to rumor, it’ll be one out of the two.

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  • nick

    there is no need for $ony to bring game streaming services like these to the ps3!
    its funny a study was done a few months ago in the UK for onlive.
    they found that 2, yes TWO of the WHOLE population of the UK has sufficient Internet services to run onlive properly!
    the costs of it are just far too high!
    plus each game streamed in HD eats up roughly 1GB/H!
    so if you were to play a average of 2 hours a day thats 14GB a week wasted just on you playing games!
    thats 56GBs a month gone on you just playing games!
    here a 60GB monthly plan will set you around 200 bucks a month!
    who has 200 bucks a month to piss away just to play their games?
    and why piss away 200 bucks on that, especially when you still have to pay for the games on top of that.
    if we lived in a world where bandwidth limits did not exist than id be partly worthwhile but we dont.
    not to mention it sucks up so much latency if anyone else is using the network it will be dead slow!
    just impossible to justify.
    spend 200 bucks a month on your internet just to run the games, plus 100 or so per game, plus run the network down to a crawl so no one else can use the network.
    or get of your fat lazy a$$ and just go buy the games from the retail store!
    i know which one id choose!
    $ony has made ALLOT of stupid decisions this gen!
    but id like to think their not stupid enough to waste their money on technology that 99.9999% of the worlds population wont be able to use for at least another 10 years!

  • http://www.gamesthirst.com Ernice Gilbert

    I agree with you.