Friday, September 12, 2014
Call Of Duty 9: Project Wolf To Usher In Sweeping Changes?

Call Of Duty 9: Project Wolf To Usher In Sweeping Changes?

Perks and guns. Guns and perks. Proficiencies to make you aim better, reload faster, hold that gun steady…will they all go away, or better yet see a major overhaul in Treyarch’s Call of Duty 9: Project Wolf? It sure does looks that way.

Recently David Vonderhaar, Lead Gameplay Designer at Treyarch took to twitter to ask fans a question: “True or False. Perks/ Proficiencies (like Steady Aim/ Quickdraw/ Kick) interfere with gun balance; get in the way of making game competitive.” Why the question? Well he believes gamers “could see greater gun diversity & less ‘OP’ weapons, if [he] could reserve those ‘properties’ to be part of the base gun.”

Vonderhaar believes “if every gun had the 1 or 2 things it did well and the 1 or 2 things it did poorly, you’d have better gun balance.” And when asked a question concerning the diversity that perks bring to guns, he replied: “the guns don’t need Perks to be diverse. They can be diverse. Perks ensure they all have to be similar, so that the Perks don’t OP any one of the properties of the gun.”

But it was his last tweet that caused heads to turn as it points towards possible changes coming to codename Call of Duty 9: Project Iron Wolf. He said: “it’s the wrong way to think about it.. that comes from years of us abusing and conditioning you, perhaps, with crap gun tuning.”

We shall see.

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  • nick

    ill believe it when i see it!
    so many were expecting MW3 to be a big leap from the series, a change finally.
    and it wasent, so i seriously doubt this will be.
    after all there selling the same potato year in year out and its breaking sales records, so why change it?

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Because people will eventually get tired… Keep the formula, but some things must be reinvented.

  • nick

    im not so sure they will.