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Skyrim Frames Per Second Mod – TESV Acceleration Layer

Skyrim Frames Per Second Mod – TESV Acceleration Layer

Saying Skyrim’s a big game is the understatement of the year; there’s virtually nothing you can’t do in Bethesda’s latest RPG masterpiece. Yet because the game’s so huge, FPS speeds sometimes slow down. We’ve got a solution for that.

How about a plugin to increase your speeds? We knew you’d love this:

Description: A SKSE (Skyrim Script Extender) plugin to increase FPS (frames per second) in CPU-heavy areas of the game.

Users typically report 8-10 FPS increase; some see 2-4, while others have reported an average of 20 FPS incease.

Download it here, at SkyrimNexus.


Skyrim (version 1.3.10 released 12/21/2011)
SKSE (version 1.4.2 released 12/21/2011)

Installation Instructions

Install SKSE (Skyrim Script Extender) latest version from
SKSE must be installed to the same folder as Skyrim’s executable (TESV.exe).
Install this mod, TESV Acceleration Layer, through Nexus Mod Manager, or manually to \Data\SKSE\Plugins. Create the SKSE and Plugins folders if they don’t exist.
Launch Skyrim using skse_loader.exe from the SKSE install.

How does it work?
From ianpatt (a SKSE developer):
It replaces many calls to functions that would have been inlined if the compiler optimizer settings were set to something higher than “off” with actual inline code that nicely fits in the five bytes the jump instruction was previously taking up. It also overwrites several functions, replacing them with SSE implementations instead of the very painfully slow original x87 implementations.

How can I tell if it’s running?

First, make sure SKSE is running:
Open the console in-game with the ~ key (above the Tab key),
Then type in GetSKSEVersion and press enter.
It should display the SKSE version in the console.
If it doesn’t, SKSE is not running, and neither is the TESV Acceleration Layer, so you need to check your SKSE installation.
Also make sure Steam is running before launching the game, and be sure to launch the game via SKSE_loader.exe

SKSE is running? Good. Next step:
Open skse.log (in the root of the Skyrim folder, with TESV.exe, skse_loader.exe, etc)
In the log, you should see something like this:
checking plugin G://STEAMS/teamApps/common/skyrim/Data/SKSE/Plugins/TESVAL.dll
plugin G://STEAM/SteamApps/common/skyrim/Data/SKSE/Plugins/TESVAL.dll (00000001 TESVAL 00000001) loaded correctly
TESVAL.dll is the mod. If you don’t see that, then it didn’t load correctly.
Make sure your directories (folders) are correct.

How can I tell if my game is actually running faster?
First, be aware that FPS increases only occur in certain places where the game is CPU bound. Go to the top step in Whiterun and look down at the barren tree on the left. Try it with and without the TESV Acceleration Layer plugin installed.

You will need an external program or plugin to check FPS (frames per second). There are several ways to do this. Here are a few options:
FRAPS video recording program has an FPS overlay, even when not recording.
The MemInfo SKSE plugin by Elys has an FPS overlay as well as Memory usage info. A couple of people have reported a slight decrease while using the Meminfo plugin.

Known Issues

This does not work with Windows 8 Beta. Those testing the Windows 8 beta need to report this to Microsoft.

Arisu: original proof of concept
ianpatt: port of Arisu’s work as a SKSE plugin
Silverglade: preliminary fix implemented for version .02
GreatWalrus: Recompiled fix released as version .02
pintocat: drafting the initial descript, readme and official forum original post and helping keep it current
ianpatt, scruggswuggsy the ferret, and behippo: Skyrim Script Extender
Bethesda Softworks: Skyrim

License: Everyone is free to do whatever s/he likes with the binary or the source; it’s completely free. This version of TESVAL is only maintained on Nexus and currently on

Thanks, GamingReality.

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  • nick

    your better off using the NBE mod, it significantly increases the CPU utilization thus increasing the frame rate.
    one problem with bugthesdas games is there patheticily unoptimized!