Sunday, May 12, 2013
Skyrim Patch 2.01 PS3 Patch Now Live, Fixes Deadly Glitch

Skyrim Patch 2.01 PS3 Patch Now Live, Fixes Deadly Glitch

The PS3 version of Skyrim has been suffering so terribly that its now patched to 2.01, and according to users on the official Skyrim Forum, this time the bug causing the game to get stuck at when save files get too large has dealt with.

Bethesda’s well aware of the bug, and has included in the patch coming early this week is a fix for “long-term play on PS3″. The problem occurs when save files get too large, turning the game into an unplayable disc.

Via Eurogamer.

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  • nick

    now maybe bugthesda can actually look out for bugs that plagued their previous games and make sure they dont rear their ugly head again?
    thats why people are so pissed off about this.
    not that its so buggy, but that every single game they release suffers from the same issues!
    oblivion had it, they fixed it in a patch, then fallout 3 had it so they fixed it in a patch, and now this fixed it.
    why not just fix it when the games in development?

  • Ernice Gilbert

    apart from the bugs, the game’s scoring high all over. GoTY almost guaranteed.

  • nick

    its good, but not that good.
    the combat is too shallow.
    especially as allot of reviews have said, the swordplay just feels too floaty.
    the weapons dont have any weight to them what so ever, and when you strike a enemy, or get struck yourself it feels like your swinging through thin air!
    the witcher 2, now thats a adventure game with a awesome combat system!

    the upgrades feel really useless.
    ive spent 8 points on my magic, and it feels exactly the same as it did when i started!
    same with 2 handed swords, put 12 points into that and its pretty much doing the same damage as it did before.
    whats the point playing a game for 30 hours, upgrading skills and having them feel the same?
    upgrades are not significant enough to feel worth the effort and time put into getting them.

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