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Quick Quenchers: This Is What John Carmack Wants From Next Gen Consoles

by Ernice Gilbert on August 23rd, 2011, under Hot, industry news, News

“One of the most important things I would say is a unified virtual 64-bit address space, across both the GPU and the CPU. Not a partition space, like the PS3. Also, a full 64-bit space with virtualization on the hardware units – that would be a large improvement. There aren’t any twitchy graphics features that I really want; we want lots of bandwidth, and lots of cores. There’s going to be a heterogeneous environment here, and it’s pretty obvious at this point that we will have some form of CPU cores and GPU cores. We were thinking that it might be like a pure play Intel Larabee or something along that line, which would be interesting, but it seems clear at this point that we will have a combination of general purpose cores and GPU-oriented cores, which are getting flexible enough that you can do most of the things that you would do on a CPU.” – id Software co-founder John Carmack speaking to TomsGuide.


  1. Wed, 24th Aug 2011 at 5:04 am

    surprised i thought he would be a bit more ambitious then that.
    those things will definitely come, though it will be interesting to see if we find something like intels larabee or a hybrid on next gen systems.
    remove the split systems and have it all internal on one chip, that way vastly increasing the bandwidth sizes while still maintaining the core clocks.
    only problem with that would be heat and die size issues, something console manufactures always struggle with consoles.
    tis why launch systems are freaking massive and have lots of external parts like external power bricks, where later models are significantly smaller and everythings internal.
    i doubt hybrids will get to the required type of performance by then though, i would expect a very similar architecture layout like what our consoles today have just beefed up.
    what will change though is the way we draw graphics, the voxel tech demos been shown are extremely interesting both from a tech side the graphics you can get out of them, the cost effective side there so easy and cheaper to use, and a performance side the tech required to run them smoothly would be greatly reduced.
    so we gamers get better games, the developers are happy because they have a easier job, and publishers and manufactures are happy because there saving a whole shed load of cash!
    id love to see ray tracing take over instead, but i just cant see hardware advancing that far by the time new consoles are out.
    hell my dual 570s heavily OCd run nvidia garage the ray tracing demo and they struggle to hit 30FPS!
    thats a freaking demo!
    imagine how a game would go, it would never exceed 5FPS!
    on a PC in a few years time is a stretch, but on consoles theres no freaking way!
    id love to see it because the lighting effects, especially light reflection is just amazing!
    makes far cry 3 look like a freaking SNES game!
    one thing that must go but wont is the stupid time consuming restrictive APIs.
    thats one thing every developer is complaining about, and john touched on it quite a few times on his keynote.
    DX, openGL, all there doing is restricting developers, holding them back, and holding the hardware back!
    we need to scrap them and allow developers to code right down on a hardware level instead of going through software to pretty things up, its just wasting so much time and resources!
    id love to see new consoles announced next year!
    not that we need them, not that were ready for them, but just simply to see where the big guys think the money is.
    which horse would they bet their multi billion dollar company on?
    id love to say hybrid tech, but it just has not advanced enough in enough time, and manufactures dont really seem fully behind it they seem hesitant which is a real worry.

  2. Wed, 24th Aug 2011 at 5:35 am

    Man! You have so much knowledge on that stuff! How’s that game coming, btw? Don’t let me venture up to AU for it now…

  3. Wed, 24th Aug 2011 at 11:28 am

    i have not touched it since i started 3D animation im so far behind i need to try get this done first.
    i downloaded a new program the other day that gives you a platform to build off new games but i have not had time to play around with it yet.
    especially now i got a new teacher till my old one comes back from the UK hes really pushing me to get my work done.
    which is good because i need to be done by chrissy otherwise i wont be able to do the advanced diploma next year.
    they only do signup once a year so if im not done this course by then, thats a whole year down the drain!
    my teacher is trying to get me some work experience at a dev studio in sydney, that will be interesting………

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