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Halo: Reach Championship – Game 4, Tiki Myr Vs Z3RO180 – Do We Have Our First Winner?

The Halo Reach: Championship is only just over a Month old but we are already could have our first winner. You win 1200 MSP if you win 3 games in a row and Tiki Myr has already got 2 wins under is belt. So lets see if Tiki Myr can take that final step to winning and fend of our new challenger.

Warning Spoilers Bellow!

Please do not read past this point if you have not yet watched the video.

So Tiki Myr did it. 3 Wins in a row might not sound like much but it wasn’t all easy work for Tiki Myr. I spoke to Tiki Myr after watching the game to see what he had to say about is trio of victories.

Joseph Garrett – First off, Congratulations on your most recent victory.
Did you feel confident that you would win?

Tiki Myr – No, I was convinced that I would loose each round.

Joseph Garrett – What game did find it most challenging to win?

Tiki Myr – The most challenging player was by far either Zero in close combat or Crunchynator at long range. Although Rosie surprised me a few times, her sneaky snipe especially, which made me laugh die to a mix of the fact it came literally out of nowhere for me and the speed of which it happened.

Joseph Garett – What will you spend you Microsoft Points on?

Tiki Myr – Definitely Warhammer 40k Killteam.

Joseph Garrett – Are their any final words that you would like to say to possible future challengers?

Tiki Myr – Don’t think I’ve got through the last three rounds because the players i’ve been against are “noobs”. each one stood their ground fairly well in practise games and had the skill necessary to beat me. The only reason they are not answering these questions instead of me is because they made a few tactical mistakes that could have been easily corrected if I hadn’t capitalised on them. However highly you think of yourself, take a second to consider what your doing at critical times, check your corners and think of abstract spots to hide when your low on health.

Tiki Myr – Also i’ll be damned if I don’t take this opportunity to make everyone loose the game.

Some modest words from our champion but he earn’t his victory and should be very proud. His time in our championship is far from over. With every additional victory he gets under his belt making is chances of winning the final Championship game that bit easier. Make sure you check back next Thursday to see if Tiki Myr’s streak can continue.

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