Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Video Thirst: This Video Proves E3 2011 As The Worst Of All Time

So E3 2011 was good, you say? Get over it. The show was the worst to ever grace Los Angeles. There’s video proof below the break.

Via, VG247, Dorkly and Kotaku. Quench it:

Terrible, terrible show!

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  • ttbounty

    Who’s the guy talking about the Commordore 64, he was an Epic Fail

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Yes he was lol!

  • nick

    biggest douche of the show has to be mr coffee from ubis press conference.
    everytime he said hmmmm i wonder what it would of been like back then i felt like leaping through the screen shaking him and screaming NO ONE CARES GET ON WITH IT!
    then decking him, and leaping back to my chair so we can continue the show.
    funniest but also lamest has to be again from ubi when they came out and said ubi, or not ubi?
    surely ubi!
    biggest surprisement has to be again from ubi with far cry 3.
    biggest WTF is he doing here has to also come from ubi when they brought randy out, till i remembered that BIA is a ubi franchise.
    biggest WTF i cant believe they did not announce it has to go to sony!
    so many rumors, so many years of rumors, and we STILL have not seen anything on a new syphon filter game!
    no ones better at abandoning there fans and most famous series then sony!
    biggest laugh was again from sony, and jacks pot shot at kaz and his enthusiasm with ridge racer.

    worst pot shot has to be when EAs CEO took a pot shot at bigger publishers with fancy stages and celebrities.
    biggest disappointment has to be M$, i was really expecting them to announce a few new core 360 exclusives but all we got was kinect this, kinect that, kinect to your face with a baseball bat!
    biggest underwhelming announcement has to go to ninty and the wiiU.
    cant believe they announced a new system and did not show of any demos from it, and had so few specs.
    and no console just the controller.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Yeah, that guy at the Ubi conference was annoying…lol

  • nick

    guy needs to lay off the coffee!