Sunday, May 19, 2013

To Sony From Hacker Group: “Now You Will Experience The Wrath Of Anonymous”

The statement in the headline is from infamous “hacktivist” Anonymous for what it deems Sony’s “wholly unforgivable” legal actions against PS3 jailbreaker George “Geohot” Hotz.

Anonymous, a group that’s claimed responsibility for hacking sites Gawker, Amazon and MasterCard, has openly declared war against Sony for the aforementioned reason.

The threat reads:

“Congratulations, Sony. You now have now received the undivided attention of Anonymous. Your recent legal action against our follow hackers, Geohot and Graf_Chokolo, has not only alarmed us, it has been deemed wholly unforgivable.”

“You have now abused the judicial system in an attempt to censor information on how your products work. You have victimised your own customers merely for possessing and sharing information, and continue to target every person who seeks this information. In doing so you have violated the privacy of thousands. This is the information they were willing to teach the world for free. The very same information you wish to suppress for sake of corporate greed and complete control of the users.

Now you will experience the wrath of Anonymous. You saw a hornets nest, and stuck your penises in it. You must face the consequences of your actions, Anonymous style.

Knowledge is Free. We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not Forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.”

George Hotz broke into PS3, found the console’s root key and released it online for the world to see. His actions opened the door for hombrew content, hence the pirating of games which, if not blocked, would cost the firm hundreds of milllions – even billions in lost sales.

Sony decided to rage war against Hotz and others intent on hacking the console, with the most recent occurrence being the Hotz South American voyage.

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  • Joseph Garrett

    3… 2… 1… Fight!

    We are anonymous, we are legion! These guys sound like some kind or nerdy power rangers gang lol.

    Ernice Gilbert Reply:

    Lol. Indeed. Really, they should leave this alone. I don’t see millions of PS3 owners amassing on their side with this one. In fact they’ll only make themselves more enemies.

  • Joseph Garrett

    True, they should use their super hacking abilities for good not evil!

    Ernice Gilbert Reply:

    Yeah – but that’s life…people like to be recognized.

  • Joshua Tompkins

    what is funny is that if someone revealed their identities and people beat them up because they ruined the ps3 experience, they would cry foul so fast.

    Ernice Gilbert Reply:

    Lol, yep.

  • Dean Kent

    I dont get it what is the appeal of breaking a sytem that millions enjoy……
    Its like shouting from the top of a bus shelter at a bunch ^ fott tall guys then wondering why there they can get you and beat you down.


  • nick

    we kapish now?
    just because he released the root key does not mean he allowed piracy onto his systems.
    why do you think it took so long for people to backup games?
    why do you think all those other CFWs came out?
    he deliberately made it hard to install backup managers on his CFW for this exact reason!
    piracy was never going to happen till lvl 2 was patched, that was kemeaw who did that so why are we blaming George?
    if you buy a tire off a shop, then someone modifies that tire so it explodes at a certain temp.
    who do you go after?
    the tire manufacture, or the prick who modded your tire?
    stop spreading misinformation, and throwing false accusations!

    Ernice Gilbert Reply:

    Nick don’t even get me started with your crap! I’m not even going through this with you again.

  • Joshua Tompkins

    George started this. He stole the root keys that HE DID NOT PAY FOR, and distributed them on the internet. What he did with them might not have cause piracy by him, but what people can do with could. Again, I repeat, He did not pay for the root keys. He paid for the console that runs the software, and that is it. He STOLE the root keys from Sony and now they are suing him. And, if you paid very close attention to the court case, it states that the enabling of piracy is one of the complaints used in the case, but is not the main argument. Sony is suing him for illegally obtaining and distributing copyrighted material without permission from Sony. That is what he is being sued for.

    Ernice Gilbert Reply:

    Can’t believe Nick comes on this thread defending Geohot after all this. That’s why you’re “gamer” stance is conflicting. Many gamers couldn’t log into their PSN accounts throughout yesterday because of all this crap, and you’re here defending him? Sony’s spending millions on this lawsuits which takes away from development money, and you’re here defending him.

    You baffle me, dude.

  • nick

    so George is the one who took PSN offline was he?

    Ernice Gilbert Reply:

    Stupid question.

  • nick

    well, thats what you were saying.
    this has absolutely nothing to do with him, so why hes getting blamed for everything is beyond me!

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