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Alan Wake 2 Seemingly Confirmed

by Ernice Gilbert on April 4th, 2011, under Hot, Microsoft, News, Xbox 360

Alan Wake 2 was reason enough for me to buy an Xbox 360, so this latest news strongly hinting that a sequel’s in the making is reason enough to leap for joy.

That’s according to a job listing posted on Gamasutra, detailing Remedy’s search for a senior level designer who can deliver “compelling narrative and intense action” for the game.

The job listing also requires that the game matches its “storyline and vision.”

Remedy CTO Markus Maki recently told CVG the first Alan Wake was planned for PS3, PC and Xbox 360, but because of a lucrative offer from Microsoft, it winded up becoming a 360 exclusive. In that same interview, Maki concurred that it probably was a bad move, but what’s done is done.

Will Alan Wake 2 see a multiplatform release? Apart from coming to PC, which I think it might, the game will most likely remain exclusive to Xbox 360 on consoles.

Thanks, VG247.


  1. Tue, 5th Apr 2011 at 5:29 am

    i doubt this will come to the PC.
    wish it would, but knowing M$ they will do everything to keep it only on 360.
    and by everything, i mean a big sack of money!
    as long as it comes out though, and in reasonable time like the original, and keeps to the alan wake style ill be happy.

  2. Tue, 5th Apr 2011 at 5:43 am

    I don’t care, really. I’ll play it on 360 if it stays there.

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