Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Modern Warfare 3 Announcement Coming In April

According to a report in the latest PSM3, the first bit of information concerning Modern Warfare 3 will be unearthed in mid April.

According to the mag, per CVG, sources close to the mag said “the next in Activision’s megaton FPS series will be announced in mid-April.”

Official PlayStation Magazine UK rumors also claim MW3 will include “at least some sections,” referring to the character Ghost’s past.

“Based on the ending of MW2, we’d be surprised if the story doesn’t pick up with Soap and Price on the run, after they were set up by General Shepard,” the PSM3 thread reads.

No date was divulged, but we’re estimating the April guess is about right, since Black Ops was unveiled around the same time last year.

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  • Joseph Garrett

    sigh, another call of duty game.

    I can’t see the series going much further without the innovative infinity wards old team.

    Then again every will buy it anyway. Sadly me included.

  • Dean Kent

    say what you will about the COD juggernaught but they have lead the way in the fps genre for a long time now,
    we are only just seeing others pick up the mantle in direct competion ala crysis2, Homefront and soon Brink.
    i really do think that if they dont innovate this year the bubble will burst and interest will wane. (i dont include battlefield as direct competition because of the squad based multiplayer which for me seperates the two).
    i didn’t buy modern warfare 2 because they didn’t advance enough for my liking but oddly bought black ops and really enjoyed everything it had to offer.
    At the moment KZ3 has me by the throat, so much innovation in the MP with its sexy visuals jet packs and soon mechs.
    RIGHT im off to play KZ3..

  • Joseph Garrett

    I think that cod 4 and modern warfare 2 were the real innovative ones (in terms of the multiplayer). Then treyarch kinda did the same thing with new maps and guns. And now with Infinity Ward in tatters i really don’t see the series treading any new ground.

    I hope i’m proved wrong.

  • nick

    im sorry, but ive grown bored and tired of this dry as a bone milked cow!
    will be interesting to see how IW holds up with it, but if raven software and sledgehammer really are helping with it then it should be ok.
    im just bored of the series though, its been the same old same old since MW released!
    a coat of paint does not a new game make!

    Ernice Gilbert Reply:

    I’m bored to – honestly.. INNOVATION! Although, they’re the ones who really started innovating…

  • nick

    i dunno, i can just see this being same game with a coat of paint!
    i think battlefield 3 will wipe the floor with this at the end of the year!
    hope so, the sooner this crappy fad dies off the better!
    you would of thought antivision would of learned there lesson!
    they milked the hell out of guitar hero, and people lost interest.
    so you would think they would of learned there lesson, and spread COD titles out to 1 every 2 years but nope now its become a yearly event!
    i wont be surprised if we start to see 2 a year soon!
    kinda like what ubisofts done with assassins creed!
    loved 1, 2 was the best game ive ever played!
    brotherhood was a massive disappointment, actually playing it now on my PC and just reminds me why i hated it so much last year!
    i hope 3 goes back to the way 2 was done, otherwise the series is dead!
    no series can become popular these days, as soon as it does publishers milk the hell out of it and it turns into another RE!
    i wish games stayed a niche industry, and games only sold 1M units!
    that way this would not happen, publishers would not be making enough to release a sequel a year and not really push the series forward!

    Ernice Gilbert Reply:

    “hope so, the sooner this crappy fad dies off the better!” lol

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