Saturday, August 30, 2014

THQ Stock Crash In Wake Of Homefront Negative Reviews

Reviewers haven’t been too friendly with THQ’s latest shooter Homefront, and after the embargo was lifted today, a barrage of scores started pouring in. And while some were favorable, most of them rated the game as poor in quality, and if nothing, it’s worth a rent.

Well with the circulation of this news, investors started selling THQ stock, sending the company’s value down 26 percent to $4.40 per share as of the close of the Nasdaq this evening..

It was reported earlier that THQ had dropped 12 percent to $5.23 (71 cents per share) following the release of Homefront reviews, but as the came to an end, things deteriorated.

The drop happened after Metacritic had revealed Homefront only managed 76 (Xbox 360 and 78 (PS3). One could argue that putting the game’s review embargo on the same day it released was a good move for the firm, but a bad one for gamers, as many would’ve already pre-ordered.

A great portion of the reviews were damning, but the most demeaning must have been Eurogamer’s conclusion:

“Taken as a whole, the online action is just enough to balance out the mediocrity of the single-player campaign. But, ironically, Homefront’s place in the FPS genre is an inversion of its own narrative fantasy. In the game’s fiction, Korea is the underdog that takes on the American giant and wins; in reality, Homefront similarly hurls everything it has at the FPS behemoths in its path, but can barely scuff their armour,” said the reviewer.

Adding: “Homefront floats in the limbo between “not bad” and “pretty good”, and is hamstrung by a single-player element that feels like a half-hearted obligation. What’s most disappointing is that Homefront wanted so much to join COD and Battlefield at the top of the genre, but has ended up as merely a weekend timewaster for players waiting for the next shooter fix.”

THQ CEO Brian Farrell has responded, stating he’s not concerned with the reviews, as [Homefront] “seems to resonate with consumers.”

“It’s a mass market title,” he added. “Let’s see what players think.”

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  • nick

    its not too bad, most places gave it a 7.5 some gave it 8s and 8.5s.
    i went to the video store today to grab RE afterlife, and saw this there so i thought i might as well rent it.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    It now stands at 72 at Meta…

  • nick

    im enjoying it so far.
    i just wish they would make weapons have more ammo, instead of having to stop every 2 minutes to pick a new gun up!
    gets really annoying!
    im really impressed with the sound effects though, you can really hear the bullets flying buy and striking different surfaces.
    the guns have a real unique punch too, most gun effects in games sound like someone farting, but these really sound like gunshots.
    dunno if youve ever fired a gun, but even with earmuffs there bloody loud!
    allot of games dont have a echo either.
    dunno WTF IGN was talking about, the graphics are fine!
    ok, there no crysis 2 or KZ3 but what did you expect?
    kaos studios are only a tiny studio, with probably a quarter of the budget crytek and GG would of had!
    considering the resources they had they have done a really good job with this game!
    just needs to be longer!

  • Ernice Gilbert

    So you’d score it a…..?

  • nick

    think 7.5 is fair.
    it does some things really well, but also allot of things poorly, its quite buggy, and its too short.
    it just feels like it was pulled out of the oven too early, really needed a few more months baking!

  • Ernice Gilbert

    lol Love that analogy.