Monday, December 22, 2014

Video Thirst: This Homefront Interview’s Rather Telling

With the plethora of shooters releasing this year, we might as well call 2011 the year of the fps. But that might not be a good thing, at least not for the developers. Because when there are so many choices, someone’s bound to stand in the cold. Kaos and THQ are hoping their latest game, Homefront, isn’t the victim.

In the vid below the break, the dev does an excellent job at relaying a message of standing out.

Video Thirst: It’s What You Want

According to Kaos Studios, there are too many shooters out there affording the same experience. Homefront is another standard.

“One thing we knew we didn’t want to do, is get into the model of making a modern combat/modern military shooter because that space is really crowed,” Rex Dixon, lead level designer at THQ said.

“If we were going to do something unique and something innovative that really matter, we had to do something different.”

That something different, friends, is Homefront.

Quench it:

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  • nick


  • Ernice Gilbert

    Nice vid, wouldn’t you say?

  • nick

    yea looks pretty good actually.
    shame THQ are releasing it in such a busy month, this would make the PERFECT winter title!
    june – aug very few games release, this would be the perfect filler for that gap!

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Yeah. I’ll update the site with yet another vid of this… You’ll see why I’m liking it so much.