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Homefront Censored In North Korea

by Ernice Gilbert on February 6th, 2011, under Danger Close, Hot, News, THQ

Homefront’s a game about forces in the Korean peninsula waging war against America, bringing the latter country to its knees. The opening scene of the game, however, contains a video with North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-il, so to comply with certain rating board guidelines in Japan, he’s been removed.

Instead, the movie will say a “Northern Leader” of “A Certain Country to the North,” which has yet to be specified.

You’ll notice that the game’s based almost solely on North Korea’s iron fist ruler forging a massive army with the South to launch the attack, so excluding him will be interesting. I’m not sure what nation will stand in proxy, but rumor has it Canada might foot the bill.

Ah, good ole Canada, the folks are so innocent up there… Have they ever even been at war?

Thanks, Andriasang.


  1. Sun, 6th Feb 2011 at 1:39 pm

    hahaha that sucks for nick

  2. Mon, 7th Feb 2011 at 3:09 am

    yup they have, have you not seen the south park movie?
    on a serious note though, i still cant believe the BS we have with ratings these days.
    why remove it?
    seriously, its just a retelling of history whats wrong with that?
    i dont see movies having to be altered.

  3. Mon, 7th Feb 2011 at 8:27 am

    It’s the orient folks… The laws are sensitive over there.

  4. Tue, 8th Feb 2011 at 9:44 am

    so why dont those laws apply to movies, books, all other forms of entertainment?
    i swear to god, its like games brainwash you or something!
    i swear, whats totally ridiculous, take a M rated movie turn it into a game and it gets instantly banned!
    for example dark sector got banned because you could sever peoples heads off, but if i had a nickle for every M rated movie i would be a multi billionaire by now!
    M has no age restriction, so its ok for a 10 year old to watch someones head get lobbed off in a movie, but its not ok for a adult to watch the same thing in a game?
    where the ^%$# is the logic in that!?
    i swear the whole world needs a ratings revision, not just AU.
    games should be rated the same as movies, enough of this games always get a higher rating BS!
    like RE revelations was M, but than RE5 was MA and almost got banned, if it was not for a revision from capcom which changed camera angles for no close ups it would of got banned!

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