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Video Thirst: New Lara Croft And The Guardian Of Light Trailer Is After Your Heart

Many gamers have completely given up hope on the Tomb Raider franchise, especially after the last installment that basically sent it down spiraling into an abyss of no return. But Crystal Dynamics wants to change all of that, and in the latest trailer for the newest installment, Guardian of Light, they’re tugging for your heart.

It’s up on Xbox Live now and will set you back $14.99. At the end of the month, online co-op will be added to said service’s version, however PSN and Steam will have to wait a while longer as Crystal Dynamics “take more time to make sure the mode is as good as possible”.

Video Thirst: After Your Heart

You’ve been hurt, and Crystal Dynamics knows that. “Will Lara ever rise again”? Is the question you’d ask yourself, but now, hope of that ever happening has been diminished beyond repair — or so your thought.

In the vid, Lara’s engaged in epic battles with epic bosses and a not-so epic friend to aid you, yet, it’s tugging to win back your confidence.

Quench it, courtesy Gamespot.

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