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Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow Impressing, David Cox Celebrates

Once Hideo Kojima’s involved in the development of a game, we expect nothing but greatness, but that’s not to say Mercury Steam’s not responsible for what’s reportedly happening. On the contrary, the studio developed the game while Kojima Productions “guided” them through.

Now, according to producer David Cox, he’s seen some reviews, and quite honestly, they’re “awesome”.

“Got some review scores today but cannot publish or say anything yet but they’re f***g awesome :) lol” he said via a tweet.

We’ll do a review round up when they go live, but judging from what Cox tweeted, it seems as if the game’s a winner.

Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow comes available in the US on October 5th with Europe seeing an October 8th release for PS3 and Xbox 360.


  1. Fri, 24th Sep 2010 at 4:31 am

    apparently the lowest score the game has gotten so far is a 9!
    playing the demo shows its definitely worth that, if not more.
    its such a amazing game the atmosphere it creates is absolutely second to none!
    allot of games set in olden times feel like there being told as a story, they dont really make you feel like your really in those olden times you still feel your in the present appose to the past.
    this on the other hand feels completely different, it really sucks you in and makes you feel like this is the past.
    the way the story is presented, it just really sucks you in and creates a fantastic atmosphere.
    you can really tell Hideo helped craft the story, it has his atmospheric depth and complexity that to be honest no one can create!
    just really sucks you in and you really feel like your the character, instead of watching a movie.
    i really cant wait for this, its looking like what GOW3 should of been!
    oct 7th is going to be a amazing day, a game that makes GOW3 look bad, and 2010s uncharted 2.
    what more could a man ask for?

  2. Fri, 24th Sep 2010 at 4:39 am

    Ah, nothing more, I reckon.

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