From Xbox To PlayStation: Guerrilla And Their Games

The renowned Guerrilla Games we know now wasn’t always sitting high, no team ever starts out that way. Before Sony acquired the lauded development studio, it had a humble beginning, and from GameBoy to Xbox and now PlayStation, Guerrilla Games created excellent games, most of which many haven’t heard anything about.

Until now. Here’s Herman Hulsts on Guerrilla Games on some of their work:

First: Tiny Toons Adventures

Platforms: GameBoy Color, PlayStation

“Before we were acquired by Sony, we were known as Lost Boys Games and worked on titles that are very different from the games we’re known for today.

We developed five GameBoy games such as Tiny Toons Adventures: Dizzy’s Candy Quest, which all fell into different genres. This was a great way for us to build our skills in making a variety of games in order to become well rounded as developers.”

Second: Shellshock Nam ’67

Platforms: PS2, Xbox

“Shellshock Nam ’67 was actually a great project. We set out to create a horrifying Vietnam war experience. Unfortunately our publisher decided about eight months before it released that they wanted the game three months earlier, which completely annihilated the polish phase and resulted in a game that could have been much better.

That was a massive lesson learned for our team, which was still very young at that time. We would never agree to such decision again with the knowledge and clout we have now.”

Third: Killzone

Platform: PS2

“The Original Killzone was one of those projects that started with a rookie team with a huge vision. We weren’t jaded yet by the pragmatism that comes with experience. Looking back at the first Killzone, we’re still very proud of what we accomplished, given we were just starting out.

Even though now we feel the gameplay could have been stronger, we did set the vision, style, and the core technology for the franchise. This experience helped set things up for Killzone 2.”

Fourth: Killzone Liberation

Platform: PSP

“Based on the lessons we learned on Shellshock and Killzone, we were able to put together a production cycle that helped us deliver on our goals and fully utilize the PSP’s capabilities. We had a very solid prototyping and preproduction track, and because of this we were able to lock down the core player experience early on, which typically helps the quality of the final product.

Even though we were developing for a handheld platform, we came up with some mechanics and features, such asthe coer system and jetpacks, that we later integrated into Killzone 2 and Killzone 3.”

Fifth: Killzone 2

Platform: PS3

“Damn, heading into Killzone 2 was a lot of pressure. I’m sure you know the story. The most rewarding part of the first Killzone sequel was that we created our vision early on, and consequently, we knew what we were striving for from the beginning.

The hard part was transitioning quickly from developing games for PS2 and PSP with a rather small team to making a blockbuster, state-of-the-art PlayStation 3 game with tremendously high expectations. Killzone gave us real growing pains, but we’re really glad to have gone through them.”

So when you play games like the upcoming Killzone 3 and your jaws drop, don’t be surprised, the guys at Guerrilla are well seasoned for what they do.

From GameBoy to Xbox and now PlayStation, Herman Hulst and his team know how to make great games.

These excerpts are from a recent interview Herman Hulst did with Gamepro Magazine.

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