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For Pachter, Honest Is The Best Remedy He “Was Wrong” About Read Dead Redemption

Wedbush Morgan Securities Analyst is a wealthy man; wealth earned by predicting trends. He said most of his clients are worth billions and he travels throughout the year helping executives make well informed decisions while his staff, a big one, stays in the office and make his work easier. “It’s hard work’” the man confesses, and the reason why he’s the most successful analyst in the business is because the other guys and gals are just too “lazy”.

But with all his smarts and being a well respected analyst, he knows when to back down, say ‘I’m sorry” or “I was wrong” and take it like a man. And that’s exactly what he did with Red Dead Redemption. Apparently Pachter thought that the move Rockstar made by developing a Western title was a bad one, and they would live to regret it later. He was wrong.

“Suppose we should call the visionaries,” he told CVG this morning. “I have been skeptical a long time, but they always believed that a Western, if done well, would sell well. it looks like they were right all along. Nobody can doubt that they made a great game.”

For Pachter, Rockstar should let bygones be bygones and send him a copy of the Western he was so skeptical about. After all, they haven’t sent him a game ever since he doubted whether Bully, a game from Rockstar would sell well.

“Maybe after that comment, they’ll finally send me a copy; they haven’t sent me any games since I doubted whether Bully would sell well.”

Aw, the man’s so humble. What did you say?

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