Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Pachter: “PS3 More Powerful Than 90 Percent Of PCs”

PC gamers have held the thought that their gaming platform of choice is the most powerful of the bunch and consoles will always be second standard. Is that true? Well according to Wedbush Morgan Securities analyst, Michael Pachter, the percentage of PCs more powerful than a PS3 is but a tiny number.

In the latest episode of Pach-Attack, Pachter said only 10 percent of PCs have more power than PS3, contending PS3 is more powerful than 90 percent of them. When asked by one of his viewers if PC gaming is dead, Pachter said:

“The PC market if you think about it just as package products sold – and let’s include steam in there, not subscription like World of Warcraft, is something like six or seven percent of total games sales – it’s not a big numnber,” he said.

“It’s becoming a declining industry because you can get a near PC experience on a console right now and I know flamers you all have PCs that just crap all over the PS3 and are much, much more powerful. But the PS3 is a pretty powerful box and it’s probably more powerful than 90 percent of PCs out there.”

Pachter also said that “the Xbox 360 is probably more powerful than 85 percent of PCs out there.”

There’s some sense to what he’s saying, since most PCs are not used for gaming, however 90 percent is still a big number. Do you agree with the analyst?

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