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PS3 And 360 Feature Comparison

by Ernice Gilbert on January 15th, 2010, under Editorials

It only does everything. Sure, it’s the PS3′s slogan of course, talking up how said system is ubiquitous in all its ways, however we decided to take a look at Microsoft’s latest Xbox and its capabilities. When we peeped hard and close we quickly realized that there was more than meets the eye; because apart from playing Blu-ray, there’s nothing much the PS3 can do that the Xbox 360 can’t. Seriously.
Come with us, take out the fanboy glasses for a second, and let’s deal with reality because come to think of it, there are actually more services on Xbox Live than on PSN; and most of what PSN offers today were available first on Xbox Live. Likewise, PS3 has more exclusives than Xbox 360, and some of the titles Microsoft has developed were direct assaults to counteract Sony big name games. It’s not fanboy talk, these are facts and we can’t hide from them. Listen for a sec, the Xbox 360 has been out since 2005 and yet it’s going head to head with PS3 in almost every department. Year-in-year-out the story remains unchanged, the more Sony push, the harder Microsoft comes back and the harder Microsoft assault, the stronger Sony becomes.
It’s a classic game of of ‘I can do what you do’ and believe it or not, it’s never going to stop.
Comparison #1 – Xbox Live vs PSN

Xbox Live:

-Voice Chat
-Downloadable Content
-Multiplayer Gaming
-Netflix Movie Streaming
-Sky Player
-Game Room
-Xbox Live Arcade


-Video Download Service
-PSone Classics
-Playstation Home
-What’s New
-Portrable IDs
-Life With Playstation

From what’s listed above, there are obviously more services on Xbox Live that PSN, however there are services Sony has planned that are coming soon. Services such as Qriocity amongst other things, including a new premium PSN.

Comparison #2: 2010 Console Exclusive Titles:

Xbox 360:

Alan Wake
Crackdown 2
Fable III
Splinter Cell: Conviction
Mass Effect 2
Halo: Reach
Rumor: Hardcore Natal game from Capcom


God of War III
Gran Turismo 5
White Knight Chronicles
Yakuza 3
Heavy Rain
Resistance 3
The Last Guardian
Rumor: LittleBigPlanet 2
Rumor: Agent to release this year

There’s no doubt in even the most avid Xbox 360 fan’s mind that PS3 have some killer apps coming, and that there’s a definite edge for PS3 in the exclusive department.

Comparison #3: Sales

Xbox 360:

America: 21.1 Million
Japan: 1.24 Million
Other: 14. 54 Million

Grand total: 37.28 Million


America: 12.35 Million
Japan: 4.65 Million
Other: 14. 82 Million
The numbers above tell a story of equality, why? Well although the Xbox 360 is leading PS3 by about 5 million consoles, a lot of that could be credited to the fact it launched a full year before PS3, hence the obvious lead.

Again, this is not for the fanboys to come raging with foul words and disgust; it’s a sincere look at the capabilities of both systems, and if you take off those shades (you know who you are), you’ll come to the realization that doesn’t matter which one you own, you’re in a very good position.
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