VT: Crytek Releases 19-Minute Crysis 3 Interactive Demo

Crytek has released a Crysis 3 demo, giving about 19 minutes of nonstop gameplay. The demo is interactive so you get to choose your style of play. Have at it below.

The video shows different play style options like armor or stealth, depending on the choice you click. According to your choice, you’ll be either raining bullets on the unfortunate or sneaking your way through the level. Cool stuff. No need to headache yourself on choosing a particular mode, however, as you’ll be able to try again once its done.

Give it a shot.

Crysis 3 sees a release March 2013.

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One Comment on "VT: Crytek Releases 19-Minute Crysis 3 Interactive Demo"

  1. nick July 27, 2012 at 6:25 am -

    thats cryteks idea of stealth!?
    every person in the vicinity shooting at you IS NOT stealth!

    i hope they have fixed the bugs the AI in crysis 2 had.
    especially when you were cloaked, crouched in bushes and shot a enemie from 200KMs away everyone knew where you were.
    that was SO freaking frustrating!!!!!

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