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Insomniac: No One Can Handle The PS3 Like We Do

by Ernice Gilbert on October 18th, 2010, under Insomniac Games, News, Sony

Life is good at Insomniac, but it wasn’t always this way. People don’t know you, so they assume things, casting judgement as if you were always “there”. But Ted Price knows better, remember Resistance: Fall of Man? Yeah, that game was a PS3 launch title and still stands as one of the console’s best.

So that says a lot. Many a developer, from Naughty Dog, to Santa Monica and even Sucker Punch have claimed they’ve maximized the PS3. What does that mean, then? Are they the best to ever handle the system? Because, well, according to them, they’ve juiced out everything they could from it.

I don’t think so, the best are usually those who’ve had to deliver games for it on a budget, a tight schedule and yet release excellent titles year after year. No Sony first party developer comes close to accomplishing what Insomniac has.

Ted knows this, that’s why he says his studio uses the PS3′s SPUs more effectively than anyone else in the business.