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Japan Studio reveals two new IP’s, trailer included


Sony’s Japan Studio revealed two new, interesting IP’s during Playstation’s GamesCom conference. Both are interesting, PSN titles, true to the spirit the Japanese developers have kept throughout their games. Rain involves a young boy, who chases an invisible girl who turns visible in the rain – only to understand he shares the same fate. The whole tone seemed melancholic and ... Read More »

Rain Is Next For Mortal Kombat DLC

We’ve been calling for Rain since the Mortal Kombat reboot was introduced, in fact we gave opinions on how he should return, and now, in the form of DLC, the legendary Mortal Kombat character will be available for download, coming with all his fancy moves and then some… Catch his trailer below the break. Read More »

Bring Back Rain, Bring Him Back Like This

A few weeks ago we ran a post revealing the Mortal Kombat reboot’s full roster, but looking at it closer, we realized that popular MK character Rain was nowhere to be found. Disappointed, some of the guys on the site, including me, began crying for his return, but later realized Netherrealms Studios, the developer behind the reboot, might make our ... Read More »

Video Thirst: Man, GT5 Better Get Here Soon

More new gameplay footage of Gran Turismo 5′s just landed, and it looks awesome as expected. Only problem is it didn’t quench my thirst at all, on the contrary, I’m left in this terrible state of wanting something I know I won’t get until, what, Next Year? Read More »

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