Monday, August 4, 2014

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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII announced


Square Enix announced what they teased earlier, in August. During Final Fantasy’s 25th Anniversary show, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII was announced. As the title suggests, the game will feature Lightning, but with some substantial changes to it. First of all, Lightning will be the sole playable character. The world will have an open structure, and you are free to ... Read More »

Next Final Fantasy XIII game has entered development

final fantasy versus xiiinew

It was made known that there’s another game for the Final Fantasy XIII chapter coming our way. But now, it’s confirmed that the game will be revealed on September 1, during the “Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Saga: New Developments Presentation”, at the Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary event in Shibuya. In this week’s Famitsu magazine (via Andriasang), the game’s producer, Yoshinori ... Read More »

Top Five Biggest Microsoft E3 Moments, One’s A Megaton

When it comes to big surprises at E3, no one does it like Microsoft.  The software giant has stolen Nintendo and Sony’s thunder in the past, so don’t be astonished if it does it again.  We’ve seen many an announcement on the platform holder’s stage, haven’t we? Everything from the new Xbox 360 Slim unveiling when Microsoft gave every journalist ... Read More »

Final Fantasy XIII Xbox 360 Coming To Japan? Kitase Remains Mum

There’s been much talk about an Xbox 360 version of Final Fantasy XIII hitting Japanese shores. That’s after Square-Enix said it never would. Recently, however, Square-Enix’s Yoshinori Kitase, while speaking at a 3rd Birthday presentation at Gamescom, remained quiet when asked about smoke overwhelming the internet concerning an Xbox 360 version of Final Fantasy XIII in Japan. Read More »

Final Fantasy Xbox 360 Coming To Japan After All

Square-Enix has made many promises in the past, only to whined up breaking them in the long run. Especially to the PS3 base. Take FFXIII for instance, the RPG veteran developer promised that said title would only be available on the PS3, soon thereafter, at E3 2008, it was announced for the Xbox 360. There are also rumors of Versus ... Read More »

Feature: I Bought These 4 Games, I Wasted My Cash

It’s happened to many a gamer throughout their lives: you purchase a title that you’ve been waiting on for umpteen years. Your dreams were overwhelmed by it, at school your attention was deterred. Every gaming website, from IGN to GamesThirst you scoured, taking in every bit of news about said title that you could find. After all, they said it’d ... Read More »