Saturday, September 6, 2014


Anonymous threatens Zynga, “will burn them” on Guy Fawkes day


Hacker group Anonymous has turned its eyes to Zynga, social game creator. “Operation maZYNGA” has began, as stated on their website. On November 5th, the Guy Fawkes day, “they key to the data files” of Zynga executives’ confidential documents will be released, as they say. Also, they’re threatening to release all the games found on the company’s servers. Anonymous is ... Read More »

Zynga’s COO Resigns


John Schappert, well-respected games industry executive who has held senior positions at major firms including Microsoft and EA, has resigned from embattled social games company Zynga. Read More »

Did Top Zynga Executives Commit Insider Trading?


Just before Zynga saw its stock collapse two days ago, the firm’s top executives, including its founder, dumped 43 million shares, cashing in pretty big as others who had no knowledge of the company’s poor financial state watch their investments go down the drain. Read More »

Zynga Called Out by Indie Developer


As Zynga preps to launch Dream Heights on the App Store worldwide (the social game powerhouse is currently testing the title on the Canadian App Store), indie developer NimbleBit has spoken up about the game’s close resemblance to their own Tiny Tower. Nimblebit employee Ian Marsh took to Twitter yesterday, posting this infographic (posted in full below) comparing the two ... Read More »

Farmville Developer Valued More Than EA At $5.51 Billion

If you have a FaceBook account, then of course you’re familiar with the popular social-network game FarmVille. There are 57.6 million users playing it, and six out of the ten most popular games on FB are owned by Zynga. Who’s Zynga? It’s the developer who owns FarmVille, and SharePost has just valued the firm at $5.51 billion, greater than EA ... Read More »