Saturday, August 30, 2014
While At Microsoft, Don Mattrick Tried To Buy Zynga

While At Microsoft, Don Mattrick Tried To Buy Zynga

In an effort to boost Xbox’s social gaming output, former Xbox boss Don Mattrick, who’s now the CEO of Zynga, tried buying the social gaming giant.

The idea, back in 2010, was to boost Xbox’s draw as a social gaming platform, with games like Farmville seen as a huge draw, Bloomberg reports.

The deal never materialized, however Mattrick and Zynga founder Mark Pincus remained in touch, which eventually lead to Mattrick being named Zynga’s chief executive officer. Don Mattrick as Zynga’s CEO was first discussed between Pincus and Mattrick back in March during bike rides.

Mattrick takes command of Zynga today, and will earn  $19 million in his first year, with a reported $50 million in his tenure at the company, with the potential to earning millions more.

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