Monday, September 15, 2014
You Won’t Ever Be Able To Disable The DualShock 4′s Lightbar

You Won’t Ever Be Able To Disable The DualShock 4′s Lightbar

The DualShock 4′s lightbar has been somewhat of a drain on the controller’s batter life, so some gamers have been appealing to Sony that they disable it for titles that don’t make use of its functionality. The answer is no, however, as the company wants as many developers as possible supporting its features.

The answer came via Sony’s boss of worldwide studios, Shuhei Yoshida, who simply said “no” via twitter, and followed up by saying: “the LEDs do not use much battery.”

So there you have it. If the feature does not eat a whole lot of battery life, and has a ton of neat functionality to it, why get rid of it?

Answer me in the comments.

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  • Wolf1888

    Well, big battery consumption or not, I still believe there is no point in the possibility to turn it off. I mean, just a simple option in the menus, just like you can disable the vibrations, why not?

    And, let’s be honest, for most games, or at least, to more popular ones, they do not need anything like that. I don’t think a Call of Duty game or a EA Sports game (for exemple) could ever need this feature without being gimmicky.

  • ernicegilbert

    True points, Wolf, a simple option in the menus wouldn’t hurt at all.