Monday, September 15, 2014
Sony Promises: No Game Drought on PS4

Sony Promises: No Game Drought on PS4

Sony has big plans and Adam Boyes banishes our fears.

Most new video game consoles suffer through the dread software drought. After the launch lineup — KnackKillzone, and a bunch of multiplatform games like Assassin’s Creed IVand Battlefield 4 — there isn’t much out there. But Sony promises that there will be no drought.

Sony’s Adam Boyes says there are more games coming in the next few months. We just don’t have the dates yet.
“I think we’ve got a lot of stuff that’s gonna be coming out sort of on a more regular cadence than the competition, because we’ve got a lot of great, phenomenal indie games. I think also what you’re gonna see is a lot of updates to the free-to-play games as they come online. We’ve got Warframe; we’ve got Blacklight: Retribution; we’ve got DC Universe Online. Then we’ve got Warthunder coming. And all those games I think we’ll be continually adding and evolving the content that’s available on them. And then once some of the other indie games start coming online, once they start releasing, we’ll see a nice cadence.”

Also adds: “Up until about December, I think there’s a lot of visibility on what’s coming up, and I think January, February, March is when you’ll start seeing all that stuff start hitting the market at a nice, regular beat. Like every few weeks there will be new stuff to be playing on PS4.”

So we see a lot of bonuses and work from Sony. For PS4 owners, hopefully that means enough games to keep everyone’s console in use for the next few months.

Lastly we are aware of some exclusive titles like Infamous: Second Son (February), The Order: 1886 and we all hope there are indeed more big productions that Sony hasn’t announced yet.


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