Sunday, February 1, 2015
Twitch On PlayStation 4 — New Innovations

Twitch On PlayStation 4 — New Innovations

Although using Twitch on PlayStation 4 will remain true to the streaming service’s core, there are some great innovations that enhances the user experience.

If you’ve ever streamed from a console to Twitch and want to monitor the comments, you know you need to use a separate screen to watch the chat. Not anymore.

The Twitch app on PlayStation 4 smartly places the chat feed on the right hand side of the screen. Not only can you see how many are watching and subscribed, but you can see everything being said about your performance right on your television. Additionally, if you have the PlayStation Camera, you can add that to the stream.

When configuring your channel, you can toggle the camera on and off, use your microphone, and turn the chat panel off entirely.

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