Thursday, September 4, 2014
Insomniac developers play with Xbox One’s vocal functions

Insomniac developers play with Xbox One’s vocal functions

“Xbox off” over the PA results in laughs now, maybe slaughter later.

It seems Xbox One’s Kinect vocal functions are working, and some have already started having fun with it. Insomniac is using the PA to shout “Xbox off” and massively shut down the dev kits, resulting in a few laughs:

But it’s only fun when it works, as the senior programmer of Insomniac says:

Fun aside, this might be troubling. Sure, it’s over the PA; if you’re face-to-face with the console and say the phrase with a clear voice, it might work every single time, and that would be awesome. Until your wife catches you talking to your console and you have to explain.

But if not, Microsoft has delayed the console in many markets and lost many customers in order to implement features no one asked for, while said features work just sometimes. Let’s just hope for the best when the console starts releasing this November.

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