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Killzone developer Guerrilla Games works on new IP

Killzone developer Guerrilla Games works on new IP

What will it be though?

Sony first-party studio Guerrilla Games has confirmed that development on a nwe IP has started, now that some staff has finished work on Killzone: Shadow Fall for the PlayStation 4 launch.

In an interview with Eurogamer at the Eurogamer Expo 2013, lead designer Eric Boltjes confirmed the news.

“I can be true about it, yes. That’s definitely what’s happening right now. I can’t tell you what we’re thinking of but yes.

As a studio we do want to branch out, and we have started work on a new IP, something completely different to Killzone. I don’t want to say anything about it right now, but as a studio we do want to keep it fresh.”

As with Killzone: Shadow Fall, work on which had started before PlayStation 3 title Killzone 3 had released, Guerrilla goes forward with this strategy once more, as Shadow Fall releases alongside the PlayStation 4 in November.

Guerrilla’s designers started work on Shadow Fall back then, and now, they’re working on something new.

“Usually what happens is at the end of a game people start to roll off.

The artists and the coders work the longest, and then QA. But the designers, at some point their work is done. They’re not allowed to touch the game because that changes everything for all other departments.

So about three to four months before you ship, the designers sit down and think, what can we do for the next one.

That happened then [with Killzone 3 to Shadow Fall] as well. So, about three years ago we went into that phase. The really tricky part about that phase is not trying to do too much. You have a room full of people and they all have a different idea of what they want to change about the game. They can’t do everything, especially if you only have two-and-a-half years to build it.

So it’s streamlining that process of what we want to do to this is what we’re actually going to do. That’s the tricky part.”

As was expected, he declined to give us futher details about the new IP. What are your guesses?

Our take: For me, what makes Killzone stand out in the first-person market is its grounded, believable sci-fi story, and the top-notch shooting mechanics. Taking these into account, the next Guerrilla game could be pretty much everything from an action game to a platformer, featuring good lore and tight gameplay.

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