Friday, September 27, 2013
PlayStation 4 noise level, power consumption and more revealed

PlayStation 4 noise level, power consumption and more revealed

All by the mouth of Masayasu Ito.

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia Senior Vice president and Director of Business Unit 1 Masayasu Ito has a long job title. And he’s one of the key people when it comes to asking about the PlayStation 4 technical specs. Speaking to Japanese website AV Watch, he revealed some very good to know stuff about the upcoming console.

A small list of the key points:

  • No online connection is needed, but is preferred to fully enjoy the PS4.
  • It will initially act as a standalone web server for the PlayStation App. It may be expanded through the cloud later on, allowing for co-op play between many players by interacting with one another through Gaikai’s cloud.
  • The secondary chip for ultra-low power operation will mostly start up at night, from 01.00 to 04.00 (AM), and download all required updates automatically, and will automatically boot when software is purchased through external means.
  • Power consumption will depend on the game played, and will vary greatly.
  • The noise level is much lower than the PS3.
  • The cooling fan has a low noise level and stepless speed control, which means it will increase its speed to match the heat gradually and smoothly, unlike PS3′s sudden levels.
  • The Blu-Ray player is 6x instead of PS3′s 2x, and thus, it’s much more quiet. The system also caches data on the HDD to prevent much reading from it, and will almost exclusively be heard only when booting up the console.
  • Audio/Video performance for music and movies will target PS3 levels at launch, but will be improved on the way, for example the 4K support will be added through a patch.The theme of PS4 is “Personalization”, which means everyone’s experience will be different than the other, suited to their style.

Any good news here for you?

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