Saturday, August 30, 2014
Where’s The New Gears of War? Ask Epic Games, Microsoft Says

Where’s The New Gears of War? Ask Epic Games, Microsoft Says

The Gears of War franchise has always been aligned with Xbox One, and when asked about the game at a pre-TGS event in Tokyo, Microsoft’s Phil Spencer said that although they’d love to bring the game to Xbox One in some fashion, it’s up to Epic Games to decide what they’re going to do with the franchise, hinting that the exclusivity that the game enjoyed on Xbox 360 could be something of the past.

Speaking to Famitsu, Spencer said there’s not much to announce, as the question of the game on Xbox One is up to Epic:

Gears of War is developed by Epic Games, and they’ve been our partners for a long time on Xbox 360. You should ask Epic Games about what they want to do. We haven’t announced anything yet about Gears of War, but we hope to bring it to Xbox One in some form. However, there’s nothing more I can tell you at this time.

Should the Gears franchise remain exclusive to Xbox One? Share your thoughts.

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