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Sony To Bring 19 PS Vita Games To The Tokyo Game Show, PS3 Well Represented

by Ernice Gilbert on September 1st, 2011, under News, PS Vita, Sony

For Sony, it’s all about PS Vita at Japan’s premier games show, TGS, and the firm’s committed to bringing a pleasing 19 PS Vita games to the event.

Bulletstorm Will “Do Well In Japan” Says Dev, Game Has “Immense” Replay Value

Bulletstorm was at the Tokyo Game Show this past September turning all kinds of Japanese heads its way. The game’s a first person shooter developed by People Can Fly with much guidance from Epic Games. But why bring a shooter to Japan when it’s a known fact that said genre isn’t popular with gamers in the east? It’s because, according to Bulletstorm executive producer Mark Morris, there’s this “over-the-topness” in the game that’s much like many Japanese titles.

For him, Bulletstorm will “do well in Japan”.

Kojima Wants To Introduce His “Own Game” At Next Year’s TGS

by Ernice Gilbert on September 20th, 2010, under Hot, Kojima Productions, News

After saying he’ll probably just work on Metal Gear Solid 5, legendary game developer, Hideo Kojima’s said he’d love to introduce his own game at next year’s Tokyo Game Show. We say bring it on!

Hideo Kojima: “Maybe I’ll Do Metal Gear Solid 5″

by Ernice Gilbert on September 20th, 2010, under Hot, Kojima Productions, Konami, News

Or maybe it’ll be something else, maybe he’ll just try something “new”.

Capcom Bringing Four New Games To TGS

by Ernice Gilbert on September 13th, 2010, under Capcom, Hot, News

Capcom plans on owning the show when it arrives at TGS this weekend, as the mega publisher confirmed it’ll show four new games.

Capcom’s TGS Lineup Unvield, Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds Amongst The Throng

by Ernice Gilbert on September 8th, 2010, under Capcom, News

Capcom’s just sent us mail showing its TGS offerings, amongst the crowd, Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds.

Square-Enix’s Full TGS Lineup Announced

by Ernice Gilbert on September 1st, 2010, under Hot, News, Square-Enix

Square-Enix will be in full swing come TGS, and although the games listed after the break are enough to get any true gamer excited, why are not Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Final Fantasy Agito XIII included in the lineup?

Don’t worry, we’re sure said titles will make an appearance.

Sony Still Has A “Few More” PS3 Exclusives Yet To Be Announced

by Ernice Gilbert on August 22nd, 2010, under Hot, News, Sony

You know Sony, if there’s one thing they do well is exclusives. We’ve seen all the big names the company has in its arsenal haven’t we? Wrong, because according to SCEE boss Andrew House there are a “few more” exclusives yet to be announced.

At TGS, EA Plans On Dropping Bombs, Mirror’s Edge 2 Anyone?

by Ernice Gilbert on August 21st, 2010, under EA, News

Yeah, I know, Mirror’s Edge didn’t sell very well. I think the game barely did 2 million units, but that doesn’t mean it was bad. In fact, it was one of the better experiences when it released back in November, 2008, save a few annoyances.

Gamescom’s barely out, and EA’s already hyping up its Tokyo Game Show (TGS) showing, making known that its planning “several all new game reveals and announcements”.

Bring it, then.

Rumor Thirst: Kojima To Unvel “Massive PS3 Exclusive” At TGS

by Ernice Gilbert on June 19th, 2010, under Kojima Productions, News

Rumor has hit claiming that come TGS, Kojimasan will announce a “massive PS3 exclusive”.

Tokyo 2010 Poster Is Rather Spicy

by Ernice Gilbert on May 26th, 2010, under News

The Tokyo Game Show is the biggest in the world followed closely by E3 which, by the way, happens next month in L.A.

See the Japanese love to plan ahead, so even if TGS doesn’t take place till September 16th in Makuhari Messe just outside Tokyo, a poster for the show has already surfaced.

It’s past the read.

The Tokyo Game Show Is A Go

by Ernice Gilbert on February 26th, 2010, under Tokyo Game Show

Last year’s show was good, not great. Sony showed off its motion control, while Microsoft was talking up Natal, nothing too exciting was to be had at all. Here’s to hoping for some fireworks this year.