Friday, September 27, 2013
Shots Fired: Xbox One Is Worth $100 Than PS4, Microsoft Says

Shots Fired: Xbox One Is Worth $100 Than PS4, Microsoft Says

Senior director of product planning and management at Xbox Albert Penello has said that Xbox One is worth more than PS4 because of Kinect and better exclusives.

Speaking to GameSpot at PAX, Penello said it was up to them to prove to gamers that what they’re getting from Xbox One is more than Sony’s PS4 can offer.

“It’s up to us to prove that it’s worth $100 more. I think it is,” he told the site.

“I think we do more. I think our games are better. I think as people start to experience Kinect and see what it can do using voice, I think that’s better,” he added. “I think the ability to have an all-in-one system where you can plug in the TV, that’s better. I think we’ll have a better online service.”

“I just believe that we’re going to have a better system.”

Apparently the $100 difference that separates PS4 and Xbox One produced a shrug from Penello, saying that: “I don’t believe it’s going to be a deal-killer.”

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