Monday, September 1, 2014
Sony Pulls PS3 Firmware Update 4.45, Apologizes For “Inconvenience”

Sony Pulls PS3 Firmware Update 4.45, Apologizes For “Inconvenience”

After crashing, who knows? Maybe millions of consoles, Sony’s pulled PS3 firmware update 4.45 from its system.

So those who haven’t updated their consoles shouldn’t fear, however for the millions of PS Plus subs whose systems update automatically, and the tens of thousands – even hundreds of thousands more who’ve already updated their consoles with the malfunctioning 4.45 update, the damage is already done.

Hopefully Sony not only gives an explanation speedily, but also sends out an update that will fix systems that have already been bricked.

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  • Jess

    We can’t say that our system was bricked, but on the other hand, we are having to re-download over 80 games, along with that, all of the save game data is lost. So for all of our games with replay value, that had well over 200+ hours of gaming, we get to start over. And given the data limitations on cloud, only about 3 of the 80+ games data was on there. They may be trying to fix this update, but I doubt they can fix what was lost.