Tuesday, September 16, 2014
Rumor: Difference Between PS4 And Xbox One Games Will Be Visible On Day One

Rumor: Difference Between PS4 And Xbox One Games Will Be Visible On Day One

A games developer has told Forbes that the difference between PS4 and Xbox One games will be visible on day one, adding that because PS4 is “40% “more powerful than Xbox One, games like Call of Duty: Ghosts and other third-party titles will be visibly better than Xbox One versions.

In talking to a developer who wished to remain anonymous, gamers will see a difference on Day One when they compare third party PS4 games to Xbox One head-to-head. The developer told me the PS4 is 40 percent more powerful than Xbox One and games like Call of Duty Ghosts will be noticeably different out of the gate.

Both consoles are due releases later this year.

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  • rpatricky

    We always hear this. Same story different consoles.

  • Randolph caliber

    Yes you are right

  • Jo Rivera

    Nice to see sony have the upper hand this time around. I wonder why Microsoft chose such underpowered hardware compared to the ps4?

  • Erik Colquitt

    It was visible day one.
    Forza 5 made Drive Club look like a PS2 game, Ryse looked insane and TitanFall owned everything at E3.
    When are the Idiot Pop press and people going to learn to think for themselves and pay attention to whats going on.
    Like i said, its 2006 all over again.

  • Cameron Collet

    Compare Forza to Gran Tourismo, Drive Club looks like a joke, Ryse looked good graphically but the whole demo was chaining together slow motion button presses… have fun with that, the only game i’ll agree with you on is Titanfall, it looked awesome, but i’ll get it on PC. All this talk of power differences is bs, the only advantage ps4 has is ease of development out of the gate, because dev’s don’t have to deal with the edram. It will most likely end up just like this generation where everything looks the same on both consoles…

  • anthony

    chill out man…listen to this…when the games are to be shown at any event, developers follow a method called vertical slices…this means thar the part of the game that is to be shown is completed with all the effects lighting , anti aliasing etc…the rest of the game is not developed…driveclub didnt do this…they were in the process of developing the game since it was only 35% finished by then but they didnt fully develop the part of the game that was to be shown but they continued developing the game as a whole…so till the game launched keep your mean and shitty comments to yourself…cuz the day when the game launches u may compare the 2 games and then ask yourself the same questiona dn you will get the answer…

  • Vulcanproject

    PS4 is considerably more powerful. Its true. It isn’t 2006. This is 2013, where PS4 has more flexible, faster memory, and crucially, a far superior GPU. You’ll soon see this when these machines launch and realise its for real.

    Comparing unfinished games, especially ones at E3 where half the stuff Microsoft showed wasn’t on completed xbox one hardware and just PC powered devkits is a major mistake.

  • SONY

    Not 40% but 50% MORE RAW POWER!

  • Trololol

    Are you sure the real PS4 hardware was used in the E3, not on PC powered devkits? Here’s a proof the PS4 hardware lags and buggy in real world scenario:


  • Stefan Eckhardt

    The thing is, this time we have almost the same hardware (unlike any two systems ever) and corresponding numbers for both systems. And they all are either identical or in favour to Sony, some drastically so.

    But hard facts matter little to die hard fanboys (not calling you that). We will see it early enough.

  • TrolololgotTrololo

    While the PS4 lags on an alpha build of a game running on the ps4. at least it was semi playable.

    Here is the xbone trying to play battlefield 4


  • cozomel

    LOL!!!! YOU’RE A FANBOY FOOL! LOL!!!! and you’re making yourself looks stupid

  • cozomel

    Damn, you’re even dumber, MS fanboys really know how to make themselves look bad

  • rpatricky

    Yeah. I wasn’t defending either console. This is just the same shit that goes on with every console and every multi-platform game.

  • RealityCheck2013

    Multi-format game makers would be to scared to make the PS4 versions look better i bet!!! LoL:D Just like the PS3/X360 Multi-format game makers just made all their games look the same when they could look way better on the PS3 :-/ (take – KillZone 2/3 looks way more better than BF3 on the PS3/X360) Shame that :-/

  • Stefan Eckhardt

    The GPU on the x360 was much more flexible to program and more powerful. Also, the console had the better memory concept compared to the PS3. The sheer power of Cell allowed developers to perform additional precalculations to ease the load for the GPU or add filters after the main render pass, but considering the whole systems with all strengths and weaknesses both were very close. The PS3 was more difficult to develop for so multiplatform titles world have had to be rewritten in major parts to get the best out of the PS3 – not profitable, so they only took the effort to make it about on par, often less than the X360 version. Yes, games designed exclusively for the system could and did unlock some more power but it wasn’t feasible for multiplatform.

    The game is a lot different in the coming generation. To unlock the advantages of the PS4 over the X1 developers have to do just tiny adaptations,

  • Vulcanproject

    Assuming that is real PS4 hardware, who cares if the game isn’t exactly 100 percent stable like ages before it is out? It’s in an early state. It’s not an excuse, it’s just freaking obvious… Both machines had games in unfinished states. A bunch of them were on development hardware and emulated PC environments.Which is why I said if you don’t believe PS4 is faster wait until launch day. Then you’ll have to.

  • Dmitrij

    At E3 MS showed games on PSs with beastly graphic cards inside, as I remember it was GTX 780 which is 3 times more powerful then one used in xbox1. You can google it if you dont believe me. MS will do anything to trick you into buying their crappy console. Now they talk about the POWER OF THE CLOUD that will make xbox 3 times as powerful, which is complete bullshit. They treat their costumers as complete idiots and its working…. lol

  • Erik Colquitt

    All of your Arguments sound valid ( for the most part ) with one exception.
    Dan Greenwalt at Turn 10 isnt prone to LYING about the state of his software.
    If he says that ” That is the version of Forza 5 and if Crytek and The makers of Titanfall say that those games will look and play like that on day one then i am apt to give them the benefit of the doubt.
    Here is what i Dont Understand.
    Why do PS fans care so much about the X1?
    I dont get it,
    If your buying PS4 then do it and do it Expeditiously!
    But please STFU while doing it.
    Ive owned both Consoles this gen and my preference was the 360. Thats just me.
    PS3 just never lived up to its hype i was sold on back in 2008.
    Next gen i want the X1 because its games and features appeal to me.
    Me Personally i am more skeptical about PS4 at this point.
    They really havent shown me anything better than what we saw on X1 and they Suspiciously kept Quiet on their policies for Months until MS played a card that was Bad.
    Theyve done a masterful, and i mean Masterful job of showing us ZERO and being praised for it while MS has been flamed to death for actually showing us Something despite the poor outcome.
    Its Too soon to bang the drum on a victor just like it was too soon back in 2006 when the 50% more powerful PS3 launched.
    And we all know how that went.
    If your choice day one is PS4 then good for you.
    I hope you enjoy your purchace.
    Me, i like Xbox and the services it provides that im More than willing to pay for.
    Its Video games guys,
    Not life and death.
    I dont have a stake in this either way, but i would ask Fanboys ( Sony in particular ) to remember what i was told by a Friend when some dude at GameStop was bragging about the Cell processor and how Xbox 360 was Doomed,
    He said, when it comes to Sony ” Believe Half of what you see and None of what you here.
    MS may have botched their message, but theres more Truth in their Stumbling and Bumbling than there is in Sonys Sudden About Face ” Were all about the Gamers now ” Dog and Pony Show.
    Take that for what you will my Gaming Brethren.

  • Erik Colquitt

    And as far as 2006 vs 2013, remember, those who DONT learn from their past are doomed to repeat it.

  • SwappingFrom360toPS4

    You xbox fanboy’s seem to have forgotton the xbox e3 conference. where it had just as many, if not more, glitches and bugs.

  • M$ $ony

    So the audio didn’t play… That had nothing to do with what hardware was being used.

  • Boctopr


  • GK15

    LOL! I’m gonna call major bs on this one.

    I wonder what all these quacks have to say now that its revealed the PS4 has 4.5GB of RAM for games instead of the 7GB we were led to believe all this time.

    I will sh*t my pants if COD is noticeably better on PS4 on day one.

  • Dylan Flanagan

    You’re a bit bold (and by that, I mean ignorant) to support a company that was dead-set on monopolizing the gaming industry before it became prevalent to Microsoft that consumers were calling the shots. The people have spoken, and though you’ve shown how stupid they can be, they’re not all as keen as you on investing $500 into an underwhelming, restrictive, yet more expensive product.

    It’s a massive exaggeration to say that Forza 5 made DriveClub look like a PS2 game, as we’ve not seen much of either title to diverge the two so drastically. You’re clearly opinionated to the point of it hindering your actual eyesight. Ryse really didn’t provide anything impressive aesthetically that I haven’t seen on my PC and Playstation (ie: The Last of Us, Uncharted Series). You’ll have to swallow your pride quickly, as it won’t be long before TitanFall comes to PS4, as many have speculated and EA has hinted at. It’s already coming to PC officially, so don’t take pride in its exclusivity – A company as lucrative as EA will surely do all it can to publish it to PS4 soon.

    Did Major Nelson worm his way into your mind? Did he pat you on the back, and smile at you with his trademark shit-eating grin? Maybe he whispered in your ear, something like: “We’re all your friends at Microsoft (if you purchase the Xbox One: Day One Edition and have at least a 5-year tenure on Xbox Live)” Behind all that make-up, he’s just a better composed version of Don Mattrick, with more scripted bullshit to hide the truth that slipped out of Mattrick’s dumb mouth back at E3: Microsoft doesn’t give a fuck about you.