Thursday, June 20, 2013
Microsoft: “Physical Licences Don’t Exist Anymore”, Homes Will Have “Multiple” Xbox Ones

Microsoft: “Physical Licences Don’t Exist Anymore”, Homes Will Have “Multiple” Xbox Ones

Microsoft’s Phil Spencer has contended in an interview with Kotaku that “physical media” is a thing of the past, because we live in a digital world – and Xbox One is the console that enables all the new possibilities associated with the digital age.

Spencer added that digital is better because discs can scratch and get lost, but with Xbox One your content moves with you, wherever you go.

When asked if he anticipated that gamers would suddenly become mobile creatures, moving from house-to-house to play games, Spencer said it’s more about moving from different devices within the same house, adding that their big TV push could lead homes to buy “multiple Xbox Ones”.

I think there are two pivots to it. One is moving from box to box, multiple machines in a house. And if you think about a box—I know to some people out there they like to make fun of us when we talk about television—but if you think about a box that’s going to bring unique capabilities to television viewing, you can actually imagine a house that has multiple Xbox Ones, over time, connected to your TVs. Similarly, when you go from TV to TV, you assume you can always watch AMC, when you move around to different machines in your home—I’m not saying this is tomorrow or even on launch date—we designed the system thinking about long-term.

Microsoft has been trying to explain Xbox One to media outlets as of late, highlighting the console’s sharing feature, which allows one user to share his/her games with 10 “family members”, albeit no two will be able to play the games at the same time, publishers will be able to opt out of it, and Microsoft has confirmed that the feature won’t be available at launch.

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  • Ghost250

    “digital is better because discs can scratch and get lost” microsoft is so out of touch it’s funny.

  • rpatricky

    Wishful thinking on the “multiple Xbox Ones”. MS will probably block the systems from being bought used too. It sucks because I already know there are going to be those who do buy the system and later regret it. Yes, there will be those who don’t…..until they have an issue. It’s not a matter of IF but WHEN.

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