Wednesday, June 26, 2013
Sony Saved The Games Industry

Sony Saved The Games Industry

It’s a party right now. Internet whines are being drunk, even more champagne bottles are being popped open, and the gaming masses are in a celebratory mood following Microsoft’s epic reversal of Xbox One policy. Who’s to thank for this fiesta? Gamers? To an extent. Sony, heck yes.

Publishers wanted this, developers wanted to see it, too. I’m talking about anti-consumer DRM policies that would, in their minds, bring used games monies back to them. Microsoft wanted it the most, however, building Xbox One with the intent to make money off of used games. But then came E3.

And Sony.

Microsoft wold have stuck to its guns had SCEA CEO Jack Tretton not delivered a few knock out punches to it at E3. PS4 won’t block used games, won’t require an internet connection to work and the console is $100 cheaper than Xbox One, launching at the attractive price of $399, Tretton proclaimed. The crowed went insane.

The mainstream media ran with the news. The word was being circulated to millions, amplified by Mark Cerny’s visit to Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Fallon proclaimed that PS4 is the console that would not block  the sale of used games and the crowd let out a thunderous cheer. Xbox One, it appeared, was doomed.

Sony’s marketing strategy was simple: highlight PS4′s offerings and make sure to mention that it does not require an internet connection to play games, and that used games will work on the system. Not a very hard sell.

The pressure was too much and the pipe blew wide open. Executives at Microsoft must have been yelling cuss words at each other, scrambling to find a way to stop the bleeding. It was evident at retail outlets that PS4 was leading the sales chart, and that was enough to cause Microsoft to introduce the Xbox 180.

Sony saved the games industry as we know it today, show the company some love by nodding your head in agreement.

The party must go on.

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  • Jason

    Great read. Love the site Ernice. Still cant believe ms did a 180. Sorry I haven’t been to active lately I’ve been super busy.

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