Friday, September 12, 2014
EA Creating A Used Games Policy For Xbox One

EA Creating A Used Games Policy For Xbox One

EA is said to be creating a used games policy for Xbox One that the company says will be a “positive experience” for the gamer.

From WSJ:

EA has a position of looking at used games from a user standpoint and a gamer standpoint,” he said. “We will definitely be looking at gamer-first and creating an opportunity to have a relationship with used games such that it’s a positive experience.

The company plans to release its games policy within the next couple of weeks, Gibeau said in a separate interview, and it will take into account things like its own now-abandoned attempt to restrict disc game resales called Online Pass, which did not do well with consumers. “The policy we do come out with will have that in mind,” he said, and it will likely be the same policy across all its console games. “A nuanced and sophisticated approach is important instead of a blunt instrument.”

EA’s relationship with its customers has been dodgy at best, with the company being voted worst company in a America two years in a row. Will this used games policy the firm is crafting be something positive for the gamer, as it promises? We’ll have to wait and see.

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